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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters:

FINISHING THE GAME, our new independent film, has been an opportunity to revisit our indie roots and reunite with many in the BETTER LUCK TOMMOROW family. The challenges of making a no-budget film are harsh and demanding, but at the same time, it is filmmaking in its purest form. Clearly, passion on the part of the cast and crew made this film possible. Now we are hoping to share FINISHING THE GAME with you as it comes out in theaters and into your homes.


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End of an Era

 Roger, Julie and I drove down to San Diego today to do some advance interviews for the FTG release.  I actually attended UCSD for two years before going to film school at UCLA.  It was quite an amazing experience for an 18 year old.  I got to move out of the house for the first time and was able to really hang out and be an adult, but without all the baggage.  As we walked around downtown SD I would point out some of my favorite memories.  But halfway through I got some devastating news.  The Old Spaghetti Factory had closed down!  Back in the...Read more

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King of Prop

 Why do so many Asian American parents want their children to be doctors or lawyers?  I’m serious.  I’ve talked to so many people who tell me tales upon tales of their parents’ insistence on those professions.  I get it.  I know the parents ultimately want their kids to be secure and honorable and blah, blah, blah… Well, I can’t wait until I have kids, because I will do my best to really try to “persuade” them to become a prop comic.  Yes, a prop comic.  Think about it.  Who is the top prop comic working today?  That’s right.  Carrot Top.  The d...Read more

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II was in Tokyo last week hanging out and just exploring the city (mostly through food).  I realized it was impossible to get Diet Coke.  People just don't drink it in Japan.  I asked as many people as I could why Diet Coke is not popular in Japan.  And the answer came back the same from each, "why would we drink Diet?  If we really wanted to drink Coke we'd just drink Coke."  I replied “Well, but what if you don’t want the sugar”.  The answer was simple, “if I didn’t want sugar then I wouldn’t drink Coke”.  Hmmmm….  

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Life lessons


Everything I really needed to know about lifeI learned from Magic Johnson.  When it's all clicking it should be as smooth as one of the Laker's fast breaks.  If it doesn't work out, get another one going.

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FILMMAKER MAGAZINE ARTICLE FOR "BLT" (Taken from Justin Lin's MySpace Blog)



Need to Succeed

Justin Lowe

Audiences bring certain preconceptions shaped by two decades of ethnic cinema to Asian American films. They expect narratives and themes to revolve around issues of immigration, assimilation and identity, as filmmakers seek to both contrast and relate the multi-ethnic experiences of Asian Americans to trends i...Read more

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PREMIERE MAGAZINE ARTICLE ON "BLT" (Taken from Justin Lin's Myspace Blog)


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By Sean M. Smith

IF JUSTIN LIN's parents hadn't made a pit stop in LA on their way from Taiwan...Read more

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OC REGISTER INTERVIEW (Taken from Justin Lin's Myspace blog)



Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to his roots

Filmmaker Justin Lin returns with an Asian-American indie movie.


The Orange County Register

Justin Lin is standing onstage at the Directors Guild of America, shoulder-to-shoulder with a crew and cast of more than two dozen people wh...Read more

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FILMAKER MAGAZINE INTERVIEW (Taken from Justin Lin's Myspace blog)

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

By Justin Lowe

When animated go up against modified street racers this weekend, keep an eye on the career trajectory of s young director Justin Lin.

A filmmaker whos vaulted from a low-budget independent first feature to a summertime blockbuster in just three movies is clearly someone to watch. Writer-director Lins solo debut, 2003s , was a dark, incisive drama plumbing the social depths of wayward Asian-American teens t...Read more

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EBERT & ROEPER BLT REVIEW (Taken from Justin Lin's Myspace blog)

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Two thumbs up!

Richard Roeper & Roger Ebert

*********************** REVIEWS ARE IN ******************

E...Read more

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