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End of an Era

 Roger, Julie and I drove down to San Diego today to do some advance interviews for the FTG release.  I actually attended UCSD for two years before going to film school at UCLA.  It was quite an amazing experience for an 18 year old.  I got to move out of the house for the first time and was able to really hang out and be an adult, but without all the baggage.  As we walked around downtown SD I would point out some of my favorite memories.  But halfway through I got some devastating news.  The Old Spaghetti Factory had closed down!  Back in the day that spot was for special dates. I was flipping burgers to pay for tuition and could barely get by.  And eating out was a rare treat.  In retrospect it’s quite hilarious.  I would save money by making Spaghetti every night.  All I needed was a pot of boiling water, pasta, and a jar of sauce.  But on special occasions I would take the special lady to eat the exact same thing.  Ah, good times…

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oh man, we used to go down to the one in Jack London Square in Oakland all the time. the trick for us was to fill up on the free bread before they bring out your order and then just ask them to put it in a doggie bag after it comes. you get like two meals for the price of one!
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after reading this...i suddenly miss my school and the campus O.o but I don't know if the spaghetti factory is the same thing..but we had a restaurant of the same name near my school as well - and the food was amazing!
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I've tried that place only once
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It's quite sad when you return to an old hangout to find that it no longer exists or has been turned into an apartment block. Still your memories can never be demolished.
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Okay, I am officially your blogfan now. Jeremy lamented the loss of the Spaghetti Factory in downtown Cincinnati, but then it reopened in the burbs. That is so sweet and funny, taking girls there. Which sauce is your favorite?
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Aww...that's cool, I went to UCSD too! Spaghetti Factory has been closed for a while...I've actually never been there. Anyway, I came by to say congrats! I read in the trades today (Variety) that IFC picked up FTG! Niiiiiiice.... http://www.variety.com/index.asp?layout=cannes2007&jump=story&id=1061&articleid=VR1117972293&query=finishing+the+game+ifc Can't wait for it to come out in theaters!
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ya i miss OSF too...
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