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Tapes....Where are they?

With the current recording technologies we have at the tip of our Laptops.Sometimes, One may wonder where does all the "REAL" old Tapes go?

Thats right,The Great Albums,Records,Soundracks to our lives that we listen to.....

Music that is in our cars, Mp3 players, "WALKMAN"..hahah Its been a while since I said that word...IPOD'S Etc....

These were the Digital Tapes they used right before music went all in the Hard Disks

<...Read more

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Unforgettable Evening

What started off as a Classic Rock function plus Eugene Pao's Birthday...

We finished our gig around 1 am then headed over to a little Jazz club in central called fresco...

I can tell you that , pretty much all of HK heaviest Jazz Cats where there...I was the lightest...weighing at 165 pounds...haha...I was hanging with the big boys...

A very in ur face sound engineer guy yells out..."hey JUN....come here!!"...I was like....wooord? did he just yell at me??...haha...I replied "come here? now?&qu...Read more

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The Katt that got me thru some rough times...everyday I'm hustlin..

Katt Williams....the man has got me thru some of the most boring recording sessions/meetings/editing session...

guys....am sorry , I haven't bought a cd in a long time...all my money went to stand up DVD's....this song....just lets me realize that we all need that....anthem... to carry on every day in our lives....coz everyday we hustlin...

hope yall enjoy it...if u don't like foul language...this is not for u!!!

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great song.

Talk about self promotion...this dude rocks....From indonesia and love Indo-mie....My favourite instant noodles and writes this great track with a very hip reggatone drum beat...sorry If i am gettiing it all wrong..but its my blog...I say whatever I want....haha

Anyways, if Nsg could give us an insight to self promoting 101....that would be great.....

peace yall...hope u enjoy this track...

talented cat!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji...Read more

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Gratitude to the Staff at J J's...you will not be forgotten...

Saturday....@ 1:20 AM....

Just when I thought that it cannot get any worse....I left my phone in the toilet of this club called J J's.... in wan chai...

I don't know why I took it out of my pocket, but i did....I just finished a concert, very reluctantly went to a friends Birthday gathering feeling so beat and ears hurting from the gig. I really wanted to check out the band as well, so I guess I switched off and went....Amazing Bass player and piano player by the way.....Read more

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Typhoon 8 in Macau

This is What happened when the Last Typhoon 8 hit us.HK and Macau...

Is it me or are there just a bit too many typhoon hitting us  this year...what are we on to now....the 7th one?

 As we see in picture,This used to be Macau's one and only public swimming pool in Coloane...by a beach called "Cheok Van". I used to live 5 minutes away from that pool...I would always drive there late at nite and just chill by the beach.....What is happening to the world today? ice melting, one too many typhoons....lets not even t...Read more

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Thanks to all of you for the birthday shout outs!! I really really appreciate your love !! A lot has been going on since the last time I logged on....Some good, SOme Bad and lots of in between...I guess thats  how life is...Predictably unpredictable....

Thanks again for remembering lil old me on my Bday....love yall...be safe...am dong justin's concerts these days at star hall,7 shows...then will be on tour with Khalil Fong as well as my own JUNK UNIT shows and Eugene and the "POWS"....CLASSIC ROCK...see yall at the gigs...don...Read more

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Playing Around on the Guitar | 玩吉他

additional video taken while filming the alivenotdead.com  'Happy Birthday' video:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE0EhiBsU5o |


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE0EhiBsU5o |


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alivenotdead.com Anniversary Video|alivenotdead.com一周年祝福視頻|alivenotdead.com一周年祝福视频

Video for alivenotdead.com's first anniversary party:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfiRmrinxx4 |


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfiRmrinxx4 |


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Dream Come true..THE POLICE/LinKin Park/Jacky Cheung World Tour

The Year Started for me with a BiG BANG and a dream that came true! to watch the police..in concert. And to make it sweeter,it was just next to where i live...at the venetian in MACAU. How Crazy is that?!  For me , it was Sting's 10 sommener's tale, then i had to do my police phase...the year was 96.I watched the best concert of 07 which was Linkin Park and was the best nuskool concerts.To simply put,LP was epically insane.Awesome production,great  sound and the stage design was simple b...Read more

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