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Lam 林安兒 Angie

Eventually RC is finished

I m now on Jeff's Film. Heaven & Earth!!!

Long waiting comedy!!!

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Red Clff & Olympics

Its a mixture. we watched while we world one dream. we worked across 5 countries. US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan & china. Prime time is coming from Sep to Dec....I hope the light shines on

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spectacular job did by US

I was so emotional & can't stop my passion when Li Ning fly thro the wall...we did it! no VFX no David Copperfield...they did it!!! Thx Zhang Yimou & Tony Ching they helped us did it!

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we are ready

its 1 day then we will face this historical event happening in my motherland...I could still remember 1992 the first time i hit Beijing shooting Once upon a time in china Part 3 starring Jet Li. This was the first time she applied the Olympics. I could still remember we had no COFFEE here!!! And now we have bundles of western food and glimmer...let's cheers!

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cutting a funeral scene

can someone suggest YOUR most sentimental moment in a funeral??!

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my update

Life in BJ is happy!!! 

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