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I'm starting to notice that my Blog Subject Header names are always apologizing for being away so long. Apologies for that. Small Interior Illos for last few issues of Time Out HK Magazine. Angie Wong's 'Under The Table' article. Screenshot of latest issue (haven't had a chance to pick it up a copy yet). It should be a regular gig for the next batch of issues. I find Time Out to be a really good read. They actually have access to a lot more than other HK entertainment guides if you think about it, as they have Time Out's in many major cities. I mean, they were even able to bring Yoshitaka Amano to HK a few weeks back![](/attachments/2008/10/94102_200810141956581.thumb.jpg) Snapshot of another piece.

Been kind of ill recently. Should've caught up on work today but got distracted and instead reorganized my whole book shelf. By category, genre, and alphabeticized according to each category and genre.

No, I'm kidding.Also, if you are a designer or artist in HK then get in touch withDisruptive Gallery. They are in the process of setting up an extensive promotional package online in which to promote HK designers, artists, etc. The dilio: they act as an intermediary 'agent' for any potential jobs that you would get contacted for if found on their site. The pay off for their extensive promotional efforts is they take a cut off your gig (if you get one), but to be on their site is free and you get your own dedicated artist page. Also, if you have products for sale, they handle all your shipping and handling (and take a cut off each sale). For those of you who find that your hands are often full with the business aspect of being a freelancer, I would recommend something like this as it allows you to concentrate on your own work. Oh, and get on theDesign Directory HK. It's just a directory for Design firms and companies. Interface isn't great, but it's set up by the non-profit organization Hong Kong Design Centre.

Yes yes. Do it do it. Now.

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alivenotdead.com isn't bad either! ;p
about 12 years ago
Yeeeeeeeeee! Good to see you Jonathan!
about 12 years ago
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Prefer this one ~ sometime, it's better to stop, gain more energy and start next pace... peace ~
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
nice work!!
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