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Girl Numbers and Mistake Making

The cover for HK mag I did. But they credited the illustration to someone else. I was initially upset at first because it reminded me of a story one of my teachers back at Parsons told us, about how he did Concept Art for the original Batman Movie or something, and he waited at the end credits to find his name. And it ended up showing up after the caterer's names.

I'm not dissing caterers or anything like that, but I mean think about it. When you're making a movie, which role do you think is more important; the people serving you food when you're on set, or the guy who conceptualizes the frickin Batmobile??

Basically, the point of his story was that illustrators really get the bad end of the stick and something as simple as an accreditation can be overlooked (and sometimes even a paycheck, you'd be surprised which company's do that).

Okay, well that was my FIRST reaction. But in the end it turned out that it really was an honest mistake, and they're making it up to me so everything's okay. They is good people over at HK mag.

I also found this cool little drawing in one of my old sketchbooks. Not sure what it's about or what I was thinking at the time. Any suggestions?

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i think this red numbered girl
over 12 years ago
i mean i like not i think... haha
over 12 years ago


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