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6 a.m.

This is a track procduced by my long time friend Park and yours truly. It first started out as a way of killing time then it evolved into something serious.  Park has always been making music out of his little room and now has evolved into a fulltime hobbie. I'm very happy to help make this little dream of his become a reality.

This is our track. It makes you move....I promise. Our first version made onto the #2 spot on a Korean composer website. This is the final version.


This is Park. He's a close friend of our gang in Hong Kong. If you want to know more about Park just ask me or Mr. Philip Ng.

Check out a nice introduction by http://www.alivenotdead.com/23534/viewspace_47522.html

Please enjoy and feel free to let us know what you think!

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Photo 23534
Mu......feels good, how about the lyrics? I can't listen for the whole songs...... BTW, are you one of the maker?
almost 13 years ago
Nice job guys! RAD!
almost 13 years ago
Photo 16256
Nice work on the track.
almost 13 years ago
Photo 23048
Nice song! Who's the woman singing - she has a pleasant voice and the rhythm and melody are great - they just made nodding on my sitting ball ;)
almost 13 years ago
Photo 41934
Very nice. I really like the feel of it.
almost 13 years ago
Eunicesum 8f a26a9247f939c000
Nice song... something special
almost 13 years ago
Photo 41506
tell the guy behind this production of the song. he has my vote.
almost 13 years ago
Photo 36337
Nice work, I like the vibe, reminds me of a song featured in Once Upon a Time in High School. Excellent work you guys did on it, very cool.
almost 13 years ago
Photo 33637
veeerrryy nice!!!..... I like the vibe! (^_^) awesome work!.....Well done guys. I look forward to hearing more of your music!
almost 13 years ago
Photo 38653
Nice song! I'm looking forward to hearing more of your work.
almost 13 years ago


Hi My name is Johnny, the "H" is silent.

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