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AnD Party

Hi All,

    After missing the first AnD party, I told myself that there was no way I'm going to miss the second one. It was great seeing everybody on the site!!  Here are some pics of the party....the rest of my pictures are in the Album.   GOOD JOB AnD!!!!!

Wait....that wasn't there when I took the picture...I swear!


One of the  "safe" locations to take a picture.

The Party




Willie and Johnny


Phil, BRUCE, and Johnny


HUNGRY!!!!   This is becoming a bad habit.


See ya'll next time!!!  Time to get fat and knock out.

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wow! thanks! for sharing.. have a great! weekend.
almost 13 years ago
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great pics. except i think we're going to be banned in china from all the dong pictures. :-P
almost 13 years ago
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Thanks for sharing the pics. So how great are the burgers at the Atomic Patty?
almost 13 years ago
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Another great AnD party. Thanks for sharing the pics. =)
almost 13 years ago
Photo 23604
o! i missed good stuff~~~
almost 13 years ago
Photo 35930
What a bunch of cute boys! hahaha como haz estado? take care!
almost 13 years ago
Photo 23534
It's seem fun. Is that everyone can go? I hope I can go too. Anyway, good day.
almost 13 years ago


Hi My name is Johnny, the "H" is silent.

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