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It's always a good day when you eat something really good and when your little act of friendship can brighten someone's day.

The good day started when I came across this...

You gotta be kidding me!  It can't be that good...So I gave it a shot. I pre-ordered 2 puffs at 5 pm.

Still sceptical....so I got the following as a back up.

It's a banana chocolate chiffon cake. Looks pretty good right? Boy was I wrong.

If you ever want your taste buds to get sucker punched, then this is the JAM!!!!!!!!!!!

It was absolutely deeeeeeelicious! 

wanna know where it is? Google it!

After experiencing total delicious-NESS, I had to get back to work. Thanks to our wonderful producer, we are not shooting but still gotta go into the office for a script read.

"Why So Serious???"

How about a little food for thought?  Shilin!!!  Taiwanese snacks in Singapore!

You might wonder what's in the box but we ate it so fast that I forgot to take a picture.  If you have been to the night market in Taiwan then you should have an idea of what was in there.  Fried Goodness!!!

It was all business until the lights went out and this popped out!

It's Michelle Chong's  B-Day!! FYI- she plays my wife on the show..one funny girl.

She was too shy to take a pic by herself...can you tell? 

So we jumped it!!!!  Happy Birthday Li Choo!

Mama Tan Kheng Hua getting her metabolism up.  BTW, she's in South Africa now filming a TV series for NBC!! How awesome is that????  Don't worry Pat, I'll make sure she blogs about it.

Sayang Sayang 2.....coming soon!

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happy birthday!
about 13 years ago
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its like the Soup Nazi of Singapore.
about 13 years ago
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michelle is cute.....mm was she from VJ? if so, then she's my senior. wonder how old is she. where's this Tampopo deli thing...i wonder
about 13 years ago


Hi My name is Johnny, the "H" is silent.

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