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Straight to SEX

Pls help me out here,

a fine young man is bothered by today's mixed up boy/girl relationships,

He has this Dilemma. Choice, Crossroad situation, A or B.

He felt kind of dry these days, wanting some companionship,

'U do have compainions...friends ....so U do want to have sex??' I asked.

'Yes...Sex'  he plainly replied.

'So, it's not compannionship'.

I asked him if he really wanted to chooose that route...being dishonest using tricks,

This young man sees the world in 2 routes,

A)tricks = Magic = sex

He sees all his freinds at least they are all doing something like gifts and flowers, dinners, to make the girl felt special then got the catch.

And he had tried to be honest to a girl during a conversation, rather going thru all those flowery events to get to the point....he asked straight out.

'Do U want to sleep with me?'

'How can U ask that ,U r such a bad person, U lose all my respect to you....' the girl replied.

'BUt did she still call U? and talk to U' i asked...


Well at least U r a see thru person to her if one day she needs an honest realtinship or a see thru man mindwise, cos Many times girls do hope to truly understand and find that guy...just not outthtere.........

'But at least...tricks gets my friends some Magic......'

I supposed it means SEX.

2 routes

a) Tricks = Magic = SEX

b) Straight to SEX question (no tricks, just says what's on one's mind)

this young man stressed, it's not juts sex....but during that course of companionship,

sex does cross his mind.....

A or B

NO tricks= NO Magic= takes LOngtime= true someone will reveal herself

this is my modified equation for this fine youngman.

Sure it is dry for his age!!

DO U need SEX or Do U need someone in your life?

this is written before I go to sunday service, how different....God is good.



so that companionship is not compainionship, it's sex.

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
If your friend just wants sex, look for a woman who is older than he is. An older woman understands the difference and would totally get his question. That would also preclude a future relationship with that individual. But then again a relationship started as a (mostly) sexual one rarely makes the transition to a deeper relationship anyway. If your friend is in his 20s and open-minded, he can easily find a cougar willing to snap him up for a little fun and games, no strings attached, In fact, he might be the one ending up with a few gifts by the end of it all.
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