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short 3-freshly afftermovie

1253 past midnight......

total quietness....both enviroment and mind.....a very feel especially while writing.

'Nixon Frost. ' that was what I said to the girl in charge of ticketing when I made it to the cinema.

'Frost Nixon.' -that was the correct order.

I was above 10km/hr all the way down to the cinema.....all roads.....all streets....

and the lights of those same streets was 80% Green or turned Green....

So u can imagine what a smooth ride i had on a boxing day night.....leaving house 1004pm

arrived at my destination into cinema15 (AMC) sitting comfortably on time for a few trailers

and the movie. But in no way to gloriy or jusity my speeding.

For a long time........started few yrs back....that is to watch movie alone.

1)a remedy for too much time.....

2)Like eating lunches/dinners....seldom people chose to and wanted to eat alone....wierd it seemed at first......but later on.....simply i can....a sense of  capability....not others. I cant say it's some kind of superiority cos it sounded so prideful...but if u could associate positiveness in such a choice...that probably is a good choice of word.

3)Always thought...and shared manytimes....in Movies....all things seemed possible.

It was quite generally accepted, if one to be successful in what one's doing....

the more experience u had in a particular field....makes u better than the others.

example....a doctor becomes a better doctor if he/she treats more patients...that's how experiences are gained.

a writer becomes a better writer if one writes more

photographer....taking more photos........singer ....sing more songs....

parents.....taking more time to look after own children.....

lover becomes better lover through experiences.....

Then i suddenly realised why i like movies so much....

each movie is an accord of one unique experience described in 2 hrs either fictious or based on true stories...each movie happens in a particular time in history ....it's basically a record of someone's experience at certain time.

To become better in one's own field of profession....often time we only focus....sometimes too focus at just anything relates to that profession and nothing else...cos it would seem like a waste or non efficency.

But if experience means experience ,and if experiences can define success of a person,watching movies can certaining enhance that.And this explains why I liked watching movies so much....it's not time killing...it maybe a bit of healing of loneliness...or i maybe wierd ....cos i can watch 2 in a day.....4 in 2 days.....it actually teaches me a lot of things. I learned about others important experiences. And they taught and inspire and remind me a lot of improatnt stuff in life and i liked that. Cos i truly love to be a better person everyday every moment and this maybe why i love wtahcing movie so much even i have to go alone all the times....cos i dont feel lonely at all watching movies alone, i was actually thrilled and excited at times. Always anticipating some lessons, thoughts to be learned.

Frost/Nixon happened at the 70's.

We cant time travel....to learn about experience of such it's either from a book or a movie.

And gaining experience is good ,

this is why i love watching movies alone.

I finally can answer an msn question from one of my young producer asked before i left...

he worried that I might be too lonely, too dry, unhappy....and i dont have a solid answer to tell

him....I finally can. I hope he watches more movie too.

Why I chose BIG SCreen not DVD ing at home.....

U cant pause experience in Big Screen. NO distraction but only go along with it.


p.s. when i drove back...i can heard my front left wheel of my car is sqeking...making wierd sound...hm...just a 6th sense.....the service of the car will soon be over. I had a little sad feeling....not that I have to spend $$$ to buy a new car....this car has given me many good experiences....many good times...good chats....good participants were in that car...fine meories to be....and it gives me shelter and heat when i needed most. Was i too sentimental?

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I think I see you saying that movies give you a different perspective on the world. You get to experience the world, even if only for 2 hours, in a way that is different from the way you habitually do. You see this as a life expanding experience. If that is what you said, I totally agree with you. Movies also give us access to different shades of emotions than what we typically experience in our day-to-day life and its experiences. We are led to feel things we normally don't feel, to think in ways that are outside of our typical patterns, to understand the world and its citizens from vantage points that are distinctly not our own. We are the richer for doing this, both in knowledge and experience. We try on new personas, see through different eyes and turn them on worlds that are not our own.
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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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