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I m mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I m mad at someone.............

dont want to explain why to justify this madness.

I m actually very angry.......

it's been 4 hrs since the incident.........since the person....

why cant I just forget about this?

what i discovered this 4 hrs....

It's really hard to calm anger....

even I m all quiet at home....all quiet during my drives....no traffic....

The incident happened 4 hrs ago,

but I can tell U right away.....it's not the '4hr' single event,

it's was series of events, the moment of inception(knowing this person)...

throught out the whole journey of knowing this particular person,

that adds up to this pt break.......

why is it so hard to forgive????

why the threshold was broken????

How could U tame this animal'ANGER'??? anyone?

just when U thought U reached a state of Mellowness...........

it's just gone.....everything is RED flagged.

The only thing that helps soothed me abit,

it's that hot soup and fishball Tofu in front of me.....strangely enough not prayer...

but I know after this soup , I'll pray for.......???????

only human


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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Acknowledging that you feel angry (hurt?, betrayed?, made a fool of? whatever fits here) is important. Observe yourself experiencing your emotion (if you can detach enough). Okay, so you see that you are more than just this emotion. There is a you that is experiencing this emotion and a you that is watching you experience this emotion. It is okay to feel things, to lose your temper, to feel hurt, angry, betrayed, made a fool of. Now you also see that there is a part of you that does not participate in this emotion, a part of you that is rational, not clouded by emotion, a part of you that can make good decisions about what to do in this situation, a part of you that wants to get past this emotion and get on with life. That may just be enough for you to do it.
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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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