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how long can a person remember?

'I was just thinking about you the other day.'

It is easier to forget than to remember? Y? I guess it takes determination, decisiveness, courage to take up consequential responisbilities that came from this decision, therefore, at times, a lot of effort...self motivated energy from within, where hopes are lost somestimes yet u still hang on.With these reasons, many chose to forget...forgetting is somehow effortness.This process repeats so manytimes thru one;s lifetime..Suddenly remember Newton, who discovered Gravity and its law. I do reall do respect those who discover laws like this....bcos it's absolute, no debate ,therefore no right or worng. Just one answer it is the way it is.

This forgettting is almost as sure as this law of gravitiy.If u dont truly emotionally involved with that person...why would u have that? why the need of emotionally involved...what causes that?Love...too heavy of a word? I bet u cant say U love all the people u r trying to forget...especially some takes longer...some shorter...if not love what then..

Loneliness maybe............

so it is how the person u met can fill the degree of your  loneliness.

some can fill more, some even created more...the more that person can fill your specific set of loniliness, the more u r close to that person...for numerous reasons when 2 cant be together...u have to part that person...withdraw from all the closeness...so

oneday u r like 2 in 1, sometimes 2 becomes 1,once when it expires, 1 east 1 west, they never meet again..then this has initated the forgetting process. such painful experience.For what...for someone who cant fill that need. My my my my need.

When could this be stopped?? maybe when we stop thinking m my my...starts by thinking what about her her her her....

so next time, when your mind pops, 'I was just thinking about her the other day?'

Maybe one should be thinking...has i learned anything?'

someone did thinking about me someday...this is what I thought?




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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
There are only 2 people in the world who have the potential to miss me, and they only do so when I do something to make life inconvenient for them--like not being there to cook dinner or clean. When you are invisible, no one thinks about you and so no one misses you.
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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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