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honesty 100% possible???

"i sweet talk with U only to get in in bed.

I m gay.

I hate my family.

I m afraid of being not famous.

i dont like not mom but I told her i do.

i hate my job but the fame.

i love sex.

i believe in God but hate the rules.

i m addicted to...........I know God knows

i m pretendious

i m a jealous person but i act not.

i hate my bf talk to any other toher girls.

i want to delete contacts of all his EX....he better not in contact with any of those but in front of him i m a sweet girl.

i hate my gf, she flirts to others....and she's boring in sex.

i overspend

i m in this business so i must use my ways to get to the top..........including having sex to get me there.

I met someone i truly love but he's poor and my parents wouldnt approve

i hate my parents cos they indeed materialistic.

my mind of is full of...........

while I m sleeping with her the minute i walk out her door i go to another and pretend nothing happens....another round of sex.........



U can complete the imaginery list of things .

We to others is one person, to ourselves and to God another?

UNappiness is due to this Big Gap of discrapency.

Why we chose to be not being honest.........?

we'd always thought Honesty is the best virtue...or is that also a HOAX, Urban Myth....

HOnesty 100%.....trying ,want to.

Try imagine a scenario when U have nothing to hide.......or u dont hide...

Disaster or Happiness.

this is one of the reason I move to this little town.

also my daily prayer to ask for power to be honest, not just for myself,

but for someone who believe in me and love me......

Dont want them to believe in a wrong guy....love the wrong person...

'Do what you expect others do to you'-bible




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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Just an added degree of distinction: Sometimes being honest with others (especially friends) is not saying what YOU want to say, but saying what THEY need to hear, like "It'll be alright...I know you can do it...I forgive you (when you know you don't just yet, but you're trying to and wanting to). Being a friend means putting the other person's needs before your own, so sometimes you have to say things that help them but, from your limited perspective, don't seem 100% true. I think this is okay, if you are honest with yourself and knowing that you have a pretty limited picture of the situation and you are saying what things that will help your friend be more true to themselves. Sometimes you have to generate what you want to be true with your thoughts, words and intention--even when it isn't quite all true yet. Sometimes you "speak the truth" of a situation and then it becomes true in the speaking. Okay, I'm done splitting hair, picking nits, etc. I agree with you that being honest with oneself and (by extension) with God is a vital practice. The trick with others is knowing when to speak, when to keep silent, and when to know it is time to say what should be true, but isn't just yet.
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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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