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I was zipping my Tim Horton (Canada's home brand) XL 2 cream 1 sugar coffee,

plus my favorite raisin bagel toasted with light cream cheese,

if I tell U this particular Coffee n Bagel combo beats sharkfin and even 2 head Abalone hands

down?Would U believe me??

I have wierd eating pattern which will shock my friends once they got to know me enough to find

this out, I m very casual in food....I used to like CeREAL ALOT....not anymore....yes there's fibre,

sugar too so I stopped.....Sometimes when I was home ...the same cereal can be my dinner too.

And not bcos I dont have any hot food....it actually tasted good. When I had my first few spoonfuls,

I was sooooooo grateful. They are so yummy.

I looked thru those Tim Horton's windows ,

Across where I sit....about 30ft....a Hebrews Funeral HOme...

Cars are lining out following the very 1st Black Coffin Limo...

it's a usual scene in Toronto , when a funeral's done, people would go to the cemetery

together in cars......one by one.

I was half done with my coffee and 1/2 of my yummy bagel,

I was quite amazed by how patience these people are.....

They have to wait til everyone that chose to go to in queue....

and then one of the staff would stop the traffic and have the 1st Black car to lead the cars

one by one......

I m sure people around cant tell I was that amazed cos i was quite enjoying my bagel quite

frankly it was light cream cheese ...........and my addictive Coffee.

'It was the same bunch of people if  on a normal day,

should the car in front of anyone of those lined-up drivers slowing down...

signalling lane change.....the Honk will surely be sounded off vigorous..

People are basically impatient, why would these people quiely follow suit without compliant?'

Ahhhh......to pay the last respect to the dead!!!

I would imagine there would be people who came for only this funeral,

and had long been losing contacts with the dead....

People show patience to the dead....

Pay the last respect to the dead..

Why not the Alives???

People impatient about everything....queuing up in banks, at Wal mart's cashier,

especially in Christmas time....

Even Family Yells at each other for small matters...

Yet they show extreme patience and respect to the dead

Funny thing is the dead wouldnt even notice.

U can still Honk a million times...and the dead still laid queitly in the coffin....

what's this oneday respect thing and patience for.........

This is why I enjoy drinking coffee so much.....the time I finshed my drink n Bagel,

My mind was already amazed and amused.

Wierd me,


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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
People are so patient with the dead because this is their last contact with that individual in their physical form. Once the casket with the body is put in the ground and covered with dirt, it is final. This person is dead, never to be communicated with again in this life. Your relationship with that individual is now changed irrevocably, and is henceforth always couched in the past tense. Your relationship stopped on a particular day, at a particular time. For a brief period of a few days, you can cling to that relationship and keep it in the present. So, you linger over those last moments when the dead is uppermost in your thoughts and physically present. It is hard to make that final leave-taking and cut that final tie with someone you have loved perhaps your entire life. And so you linger over the funeral and the trip to the cemetery. Your heart is full of your loved one and you know that the time has come for you to say good-bye. So, reluctantly, hesitatingly, you say good-bye, a door closes, and you return from the funeral much emptier than when you left. No one and nothing can fill that hole in your heart left by the one you have loved who has died. That is why the living are so patient with the dead on that last day.
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