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“李连杰”的微信公众号/Official Jet Li WeChat Channel

有朋友打电话跟我说有个叫“李连杰”的微信公众号,在这里我要郑重声明,这次真的跟我有关 ,正版终于跟大家见面了 ,如果大家想更多地了解现在的李连杰、过去的李连杰和未来的李连杰,那么就来关注我的微信公众号“李连杰”。为了感谢大家的支持,今天起连续10天,每天都会抽取10名当天关注公众号的、并加盟“李连杰侠客营”官方粉丝团的幸运网友,送上我的亲笔签名T恤。

For my fans who use WeChat, I'd like to announce that I've opened an official Jet Li WeChat channel.    You can learn more about Jet Li, past present and future, please use this QR code to subscribe.  To thank everyone for their support, for the next 10 days we will be giving away autographed T-shirts to fans.

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Admin bear cimg7673
Happy Birthday Jet!!!
about 4 years ago
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Happy Birthday shīfu! Keep up inspiring and encouraging. God bless you lòushì!
about 4 years ago
hi jet li I like very much of yours movies great martial artist!!! I'm from brazil
about 4 years ago
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Do you have Instagram account? @Jetli.official account of yours?and I love you so much. My biggest dream is to be able to talk to you and see. My English is bad, so I am writing from google translation :)
about 4 years ago
Hmmm. What to say..so why don't I just say I admire you. There is certainly a lot of talent in the world...you have an ability in what you call martial arts....I am weird I guess, because I see it as a dance...wish I had that peace.
almost 4 years ago
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I'm biigg fan of you. I love you soooo much. Biggest dream to see you but you're living in Singapore or China I don't know :) I lived in Turkey. Too far. If you give me the answer, I will be very happy. I've seen all your movies. You are gorgeous. I wish you to Istanbul come. My english is bad. I hope you understand me. Please write to me. Sometimes I cry for you. Because i don't see you :( Please come to Turkey. we love you so much. (THE MOST I) :D
almost 4 years ago


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