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New York, New Year: 2008

So you got in here, finally...

Happy New Year AnD!  This image has nothing to do with the new year but I'm using it anyway.  I was just fiddling around with Photoshop.  The closest connection I can make with this is that 2008 was the 30th anniversary of Game of Death.

So speaking of 2008, last year's new year's was muchmore interesting than any new year's I've ever h...Read more

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I Bought 4 Ducks and a Goat for Christmas

I spent a lot of money this Christmas.  I normally don't so maybe I'm making up for it.  For my family, I made purchases on stuff that's cool but they really don't need.  I'm not going to spoil the surprise, but I bought an entertainment item, a house cleaning item, and a security item.  The entertainment item's a luxury thing.  The house cleaning item makes life alot more easy.  The security item should give a certain peace of mind.  I'm hoping these things will last long enough to be con...Read more

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How the Grudge Stole Christmas

I adapted a Seuss poem.  It's about people who hold grudges and haters everywhere.  Ever meet one of them?  This Christmas, don't hold Grudges against anything and be nice to one another.

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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I'm feelin' the effects of the harsh 80 degree weather of December in California. 

Out of all the American holidays out there, I think Christmas is the most enjoyable.  There's the Christmas lights, get togethers, presents, the spirit of generosity, buying and giving, good food, Christmas specials, the trees, and time off.  I don't even do the tree, and wait...Read more

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My vote is more important than your vote.

My vote is more important than your vote.  I'm not saying that because it's true even though that's how I feel.  I'm just saying that to generate more views.

Yeah, I voted.  That means, if I'm to believe all that patriotic stuff that America hypes up to me, I changed the world.    Darn, I feel so empowered.  My vote made a difference.  I rocked my vote.

This election, the best thing won't ...Read more

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Pixel Art: An NES Halloween

Can you name all the game references or characters?

Halloween was always a fun time growing up.  I remember one time, I wanted to dress up as a cop but I used ghetto props like plain clothes, a karate white belt, an oversized red tinkertoy baton, maybe a watergun, and a Mister Doughnut hat.  Nobody could figure out what my costume was supposed to be.  I also remember owning a Skeletor mask but not...Read more

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Election 2008: I'm James Mar and I approve of this message.

It's Time. What I learned from this movie:

Q: How many times can Tony Leung Ka Fai grunt after continuously getting his skull caved in with a large rock?

A: 14, I counted.

With the 2008 American Presidential Elections a week away, I thought I'd share a few words about this process.  The practice of voting is instilled in Americans e...Read more

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Parable Comic Anthology

Coming this December Holiday Season...

This is basically a Christian influenced collection of short stories in comic form by various artists.  It sounds niche but the intention was mostly for general appeal.  I contributed a 36 page story to it.  The story I made is a satire about the so called " Christmas ControversyRead more

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Pixel Art & Digital Memories

Here's my first attempt at pixel art:

To clear up interpretation, little mario is flashing the hang loose sign while holding a plunger with a turd on top.  (notice the yellow corn pixel)

Here's my second attempt:

(Not the most fitting subject ...Read more

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(secrets): I like girly anime.

James Mar: (secrets)

This illustration makes me feel gross.  But I'm the one who drew it!  It's a little out of context too.  I drew it as a joke.  Anyway, I colored it in photoshop to test out some brushes and be a little looser around the lines.

Yes, I do like some girly or shojo anime but not all.  I blame Disney and Studio Ghibli for getting me receptive to these character g...Read more

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