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Pixel Art: An NES Halloween

Can you name all the game references or characters?

Halloween was always a fun time growing up.  I remember one time, I wanted to dress up as a cop but I used ghetto props like plain clothes, a karate white belt, an oversized red tinkertoy baton, maybe a watergun, and a Mister Doughnut hat.  Nobody could figure out what my costume was supposed to be.  I also remember owning a Skeletor mask but not wearing it.

Don't do pranks.  Prankers suck.  Don't go around egging, TPing, or stealing pumpkins.  For several Halloweens, people would steal our jack-o-lanterns.  So one Halloween my bro tied it with fish wire and connected it to a bell.  Sure enough the bell rang.  The person dropped the pumpkin, cracking it a little.  The candle holder inside was glass and that cracked too.

And when you find a house that has a basketful of candy at it's doorstop with a sign that says "Take ONE only" you could take a handful but then you'd be a jerk.  I did that one time and then another kid passing by hollered that was his friend's house and he'd tell on me.  So I waited for him to pass by and thenI took a handful.  I've had a chance like that before and I only took one.  But a second time, I couldn't resist.  There was no third time after that.

Only downside for my Halloween was I had a chocolate allergy; eating chocolate made my asthma worse.  So I'd get sick about once a year.

I don't know how popular this holiday is in Hong Kong and Asia, but Happy Halloween!  Free candy for all the boys, girls, and sad adults.

Here's one of my favorite candy retro-mmercials.  It was back when M&Ms only had brown, yellow, green, and orange colors.  It was totally awesome!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMpg9AZ98Gw

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I wouldn've paid much attention to the colors either. But that commercial made me imagine different colors had special properties, lol. That house sounds creepy cool.
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