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Pixel Art & Digital Memories

Here's my first attempt at pixel art:

To clear up interpretation, little mario is flashing the hang loose sign while holding a plunger with a turd on top.  (notice the yellow corn pixel)

Here's my second attempt:

(Not the most fitting subject for pixel art, though I do wish Studio Ghibli would've make some Ghibli adventure games)

I'm a child of the 80's so these cheesy retro blocky images still hold a certain nostalgic fondness for me.  Video games and computer games were a major staple for wasting time back in the day.  I mostly have my oldest brother to thank (or blame) for getting all these great games.  The systems I played on were Atari 2600, NES, Genesis, and the arcades.  Combat, Mario, Sonic were great.  I also played on the Apple IIe, 286, 386 computers.  I loved Sierra and Lucasfilm adventure games.  After the days in the mid 90's, I didn't game too much.  High School and College sucked up too much time.  These days, I still feed off my brothers' systems rather than having my own.  The latest generation of game systems have been increasingly interesting however.  Especially the Wii.  Though I doubt I can enjoy them like the same mindless enthusiasm as in my youth.  Nothing will beat the games of that era.  The electronic games of the eighties should live on in all their pixellated glory forever.

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Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
It's a good thing you didn't continue gaming in the mid-90's...cause I did...and look what it has turned me into. I totally dig the Mario pixel art. Hang loose! I hope to see much more. If your brother has any of the new gen machines...you'd be smart to go online and purchase the new mega man 9 which is done all in total 8-bit glory!! Rejoice! Pixel games live.
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