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New York, New Year: 2008

So you got in here, finally...

Happy New Year AnD!  This image has nothing to do with the new year but I'm using it anyway.  I was just fiddling around with Photoshop.  The closest connection I can make with this is that 2008 was the 30th anniversary of Game of Death.

So speaking of 2008, last year's new year's was muchmore interesting than any new year's I've ever had.  And probably will be for the rest of my life.  A year ago, I went to New York with friends and got to see the ball drop.  It was crazy.

So I'm going back in time to reminisce.  Here's some stuff I saw over those several days:

I should've demanded my photo be taken!

korean raw beef

I ate the whole thing!

there's ghosts in that library.

legless dude on a stretcher...

sandwiching in, hoping to see the ball drop.  It sucked.

everyone was squished for HOURS!

2008 dropped the ball.

NO Bathrooms.



well, that's over with.  time to start a riot!

I also made sure to find this:

One of my favorite movies.

And then when I flew back home, these ants were trying to attack/invade my freezer.

Bad idea.

2008 was quite a year.  Now it's time to go back to the future.  Hopefully, 2009 will have it's own merits.

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Nice! NYC rocks!!
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