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Taking a short break..

The past 10 days were really crazy. Its my first time really responsible for running a festival in Singapore of this calibre, the Asian Festival of First films. My main job scope was to be overall in-charge for transportation of all attending nominees, delegates and artistes invited from all around the world.

Different people arrives Singapore on different days, we had to arrange personal limos to ferry them from Airport to their hotels, and for some VIPs, with extra mile treatments too. I had to plan very carefully in terms of...Read more

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I've done the charity song for Szechuan earthquake 爱无极限 with them before, and they surprised me with a phonecall asking me for an interview on their new website 2 weeks ago. The interview was in mandarin and kept really simple. Picture wise, sadly, they had only the older ones which i didn't really like how i looked at that time. I had my hair cut for my Army Reservice and the highlights on my hair was already uglily fading. Argghhh!!

Anyway, u can check out M5 Royal Music official online magazine site Read more

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Asian Festival of first films 2008

A Chinese poem that I came across recently inspired me alot.



种稻子插秧,必须弯腰俯首。要想得到未来的收获,首要的便是要俯下身子,老老实实地一点点做起。要想偷懒直起腰来,秧苗便不会插下去,收获自然也就无从谈起了。一分辛劳一分收获,没有投机的路子可走的。只有敢于俯下身子的人,才有挺起腰杆的收获。当下又很有一些人,要么认为自己是天之骄子,不肯俯首弓腰干点实事;要么自认为自己聪明,投机取巧地干些不劳而获的虚假功夫;就是不肯踏踏实实地做点实事,到头来,正像农夫们常说的:“你骗天一天,天骗你一年”,饿肚子的还是你自己。 prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

种稻子插秧,除了弯腰俯首,还需一步步地倒退着插将下去。真正是“退步原来是向前”。倘若有谁偏要前进着插秧,恐怕刚插下去的秧苗都会被自己...Read more

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FUSE light the future

Dropped by to do a little of advertising to a new online store for mesh caps lovers.


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We all are night people

You Are a Night Person

For you, there's nothing worse than having to get up and moving early.

In fact, you probably don't hit your peak until well after the sun has set.

So if your struggling to make it on a normal schedule, realize it's not your fault.

You just weren't meant t...Read more

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Kevin Chung's Wedding 8 Nov 2008

This Post is dedicated to Kevin, my cousin.

Backtracking a little in time, I'm in China and spent a day with my grandmother and relatives before setting off t Foshan the next day to visit a friend, and then headed off to Shunde in the evening, where my cousin Kevin lives.

I've arrived near midnight, on public transport. And am totally freaked out by the rush of middle-age men coming up to me. Be it asking if I'd like to take a taxi, begging for money or whatever. Mainland China can really be sc...Read more

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Finally my sister is sending me the pictures from my cousin's wedding in China. As there are tons of them, Probably it'll take till tomorrow evening to completey finish them all!

Here are a few teaser pictures. Do look forward! Its gonna be a very picture detailed entry of how people in Shunde China gets married!

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I've not blogged since I returned to Singapore.

Reason being the moment I came back, I had a project from Esplanade. This time the group I took was Punkh, a powerful rock band from India.

They were really fun folks to hang around with. Thanks for the CD!

That took me 5 days. I had some plans with Feihui Laoshi to do Caps business soon. Therefore preparations and also a photoshoot for caps took place right after I sent Punkh off. The shoots turn out well! But I ain't g...Read more

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China Trip

Hi all! here for a brief entry,

Been missing since wednesday. Guangzhou's internet service providers seems to block off certain sites such as Xanga, and AnD, Therefore i'm not able to do anything or log on at all!! damn..

well in short, i went up to guangzhou, checked out the subcrew shop down there, went to Shunde to attend my cousin Cavin's wedding, had lots of fun as a 'brother' while fetching the bride.

Pictures will be up another day. i've just arrived back in hongkong, one more day before flyin...Read more

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Museum, Caps, yumcha

I spent the next day hanging out a little with my sister, preparing for shopping and doing recee,

At night, went to Din's birthday party at TST with Raffi and Mio and Maki. damn those folks are awesome! i mean all of them! get to see alot of artistes without their costumes too! Din was from singapore, i didn't even know that!

Oh yes, saw the news reporting on AnD halloween party, interviewing daniel.

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