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The F4 Rift

Not related to Vanness Wu. Just personal matters.

Had been dragged for more than half a year, I haven't seen my fellow 3 other brothers together at the same time.

The last time 4 of us gathered, it wasn't a happy ending because of me and what i've done.

Tonight, its reunion.

Its been 6 months late, but I want to say to my brothers.

I love you all, as well as the entire F4 Family. Thank you for accepting me as part of the family.

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oh well, what are friends for. What's more, you're more than a friend to them. you're all brothers! cheer up, everything's good. =)
almost 11 years ago
I don't know how they could not welcome you with open arms after such heartfelt words. You, and they, are blessed to have a loving family :) Enjoy your reunion.
almost 11 years ago
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that's cool, F4 Rocks! Friends will always be friends..hope you guys have a nice time~
almost 11 years ago
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*thumbs up* ((:
almost 11 years ago



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