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Raw Jazz, Well Done!

Sinema on Tuesday wasn't holding a very fantastic crowd. But i did enjoyed my time spent there watching the 4 short films all acted by Fish Chaar.

On the otherhand, i spent the evening at Substation today just to recce the place for myself, and while waiting for the start of the 'Fat Frog Reunion' at Timbre.

I come to know that Timbre@Substation was actually known as Fat Frog Cafe when HanJin was starting off as a performer there. That was indeed homecoming for him tonight!

When i walked into Timbre, Hanjin was already there rehearsing, therefore took a snapshots of him. In fact this is the only clearshot i had of him tonight.

I came so early that there was no one around at all! unlike showtime, total full house!

Congrats Jin! It was a good show! My personal favourite was 爱是怀疑 in Jazz version. Smooth!!

Took a video of that part but its just too noisy. cant hear a thing during his first 45 second fantastic guitar solo. Jin! Do a record of it and sell it online! I'll Buy!

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weWoB3z-Ya4 Coming again tomorrow for his second show~ RAW JAZZ!!

Side note, Here are some videos from local's razortv on Ah Kua Show! Do check them out!





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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
great that you got to see him!
about 11 years ago
Photo 51673
dude, believe it or not, i did it again! i went tonight and you weren't on. they said you only played wednesday, but the aNd notice said wednesday and thursday! oh well, all the best anyway!
about 11 years ago



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