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Raw and Tender

Second night of Hanjin's Timbre performance. Tonight's the Album launch in Singapore. Last night was a gig full of meaningful songs to Jin himself including my favourite 爱是怀疑. Tonight is basically songs in the album. Jae Leung brings you 'Live' from Boat Quay, Timbre @ Art House, Right beside Sir Stanford Raffles' Statue.

Met a couple of good people. Thanks Pierre for the Pizza treat! 

Its my pleasure speaking to you the past two days Prima! Thanks for showing me around!

It was great meeting you Hwee Shan!

It was great hanging out with you all! Elene, Karen, and Morris!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chan Woon Yan!!

He was so touched he start tearing and had to push his specs up.

The best picture of the night was this unglam moment when I wanted to snap Jin's Nike Air Max 95, when he was in this awkward pose. Sorry Jin, hope you don't mind. But it was too good to be missed.

Of Course, how can i not take a picture with one of my favourite Producer? He's the first person I think of if I'm ever gonna do an Album!

The Entire night was filled with power and zest from Jin and of course with lots of playfulness involved. Apart from crazy screaming to the Singapore River, he sang the National Anthem right in front of the crowd, the Singapore River, Boat Quay, National Museum of Singapore, and Sir Standford Raffles! Its a pity I didn't video down that part. But I did for my favourite track of the album 'Wave' and the grand finale. Enjoy!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD7OP_b23m4

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oFvDwkunUA


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