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playing with my face this time

Street Festival Ended! Yay! thanks  Jeanette Apple Rafiti Yeetze Clement's dad & friends Yvonne@MM Clement Chua and most importantly, Clement Tsang for being my 'special guest'!

Recently done alot of shoots. For Reowned Singapore director Royston Tan, I shot his latest short film 'Annivesary which will be released in August.


Another one is Local TV reality programme enactment shoot. The most interesting part is i'm suppose to stick on fake stubble! i dont have stubble. my moustache are really thin and grow slowly. they used mascara glue to stick tiny hair onto my chin together with some black makeup. its really itchy!!!

My role is a lifeless dude who wasted his life away. in the end i had to sleep on the street.

right after my shoot, i had to go back for Focus Music production's shoot (which i had to wear wig). here's the combination look!

In that particular shoot, i'm involved in a taekwondo scene too. i learned taekwondo till yellow belt when i was 9-10 years old, but i totally forgot already. here i'm wearing a black belt!!


let me wrap up the blog with some interesting pictures. i can never imagine indians can carry plastic cups like that while walking up the stairs

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Hey Jae, don't mention it... it was fun for me too... remember to always "jia you"! :-)
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Aoi terence c2 2012 01 07 17 dot 05 dot 04
Hige is cuteヽ(。_゜)ノ
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