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My Grandfather


I'd like to dedicate this blogpost to my late grandfather. He was born Christian and married to my grandmother in the same Church they attended. My mum was baptized there and attended that same church till she got married with my dad, which is also in the same church. By the time I'm born, my grandfather was one of the head Deacons. And so was granny.

My only childhood memory of him was that he's always ill and I was told (and saw) he had a battery installed in his left shoulder. I later came to know that its a heartbeat counter.


I stayed with my grandparents for half a year when I was 10 or so. Thats the longest time in my life we were together. When we migrated to Singapore for the second time when I was 12, we were never close anymore. Met up for dinners, birthdays, church events everytime I return to HongKong. Their golden 50 years wedding anniversary was the last. Followed by a few more meals together in the next two years, and he's gone. I'm grateful I spent his last birthday treating him and the family to a buffet dinner with my elder cousin. I would remember that meal for the rest of my life. Its the only time that we grandchildren had ever treated him together on his birthday.

Actually, I kinda blamed myself for his passing at first. I thought that it would bring bad luck by shooting a film related to death. He passed away exactly one week later after wrap.

I couldn't even be by his side and instead busy attending my short film premiere.

My dad spoke to me again later that day. Don't be silly boy. He lived his life well. He survived the World War II, and led a simple life as an Office Accountant for the rest of his working life. He retired on the year my elder cousin was born, dedicated the next 25 years to Jesus Christ.

My mum told me 2 days later that we christians do not believe in Bad luck because of filming. I felt much better after. So did she.

I really didn't have lots of pictures with him, especially digitized ones. I do have lots of hardcopy back at home in HongKong, but off hand I only had this one. Grandpa, Cousin ChunHei, and then 1 year old me.

Dedicated to my Mum, my aunt, and Grandmother

Dance with my father  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytjN27h3p-I&feature=related

Grandpa, I'm sorry I didn't get to spend enough time with you. Now that you're by Lord Jesus's side, may you Rest in Peace. Amen.

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What an awesome dedication. Your grandpa would be proud of you. How do I know? He loved you so he would want you to be happy. Do you enjoy life? Yes? Then you make him happy. So long as you keep your memories, he lives forever in them. Your mum is right, There is no good or bad luck for such things. I miss my grandpa too. Did your grandpa like to fish? I know that's what my grandpa is doing in Heaven. Maybe they're hanging out together. Watching over us...
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that is why life is timeless. there is no time to it. spend wisely as we only live once. doing things and not regreting it later, live life to the fullest. life is not measure by how long it is, but by what meaning to it. people all die someday, that is the rule of life on earth, i m not sure of other places... the galaxy is too big and far for us to know, but we do know that this is the life that we are living. don't waste life live it to the fullest doing meaningful things and contributions. when time is up, its time to leave and well, you will be remembered, but the one who love you, just like your grandfather, though he is gone, maybe in this human form, but rest asure, he still lives inside you. everyday is a good day!
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He wants u to be happy and don't feel sad for him. I know how u feel my grandpa passed away when i was 8 or 9 years old i don't remember how he looks like now. I remember my aunt's and grandma told me don't be sad he can see us he will be sad too when our loved ones passed they saw us feeling sad or cry for them they will be sad and they want us to be happy and don't feel sad. So i believe that he will be watching u and know that u are busy filming and he know that u love him. u must work hard for ur family and for people who support u and don't give up easily. 加油!!!!
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