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Been missing for more than a week busy with rehearsals, some school performances and more rehearsals. My apologies!

Last Saturday's Natsu Matsuri was fun and as i do every year, to participate in Bon Odori dances and to enjoy the atmosphere of Japanese culture here in Singapore. Bad weather caused the event to be held indoor. Therefore performances and Bon odori dances are all held in the Japanese School's Sports Hall. Fun lessen sad to say.

I tried my first ever 'goldfish netting' (due to complaints received by Singapore's SPCA, toys were used to replace real goldfish) and 'yoyo fishing' after falling in love with japanese culture for 15 years! 

JMD, better known as Adorythmatics to the Japanese association committees, had once again done proud by putting up a superb performances and seriously did wow the crowd. It always makes me feel regretful not able to get the time to commit into practice with my brothers and sisters and to put up a performance together once again. Nevertheless, I'm really glad to see everybody performing well!

Last Saturday aside, Today is my first ever performance at the Esplanade! (photos and videos up few days later i guess). I really have to thank teacher for giving me this oppotunity to be able to perform at such a grand location. I'm sorry if I didn't perform well. The crowd was pretty bad too. Oh well, i'll still take this as a very precious experience. And more to come!

Good night people

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they have a spca in singapore?
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