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Macau Family Trip

I was so nervous the night before we left for Macau. My family hasn't been out for holidays for the past 9 years together. the last time was... Bali I think? when I was still 15 year old!

9 years passed and I'm an adult, my sister's an adult, and my dad getting more and more geeky. Just look at the picture.

Caught the 11am ferry to Macau and off we went. Stayed at the Landmark hotel and toured various Casinos including the Venetian, Sands, Lisboa (Old and new), Galaxy, the Pharaoh, MGM, Wynn. One thing I realised about these places are smoke. Extremely smoky in the casino. Its not that bad at some such as Sands and Venitian as the ceilings are high. My sister had a bad time suffocating in the smells and I too doesn't feel too well about staying there for a long time.

Venetian was really interesting particularly because of its grand design and the river-in-a-mall concept. And the gambling was good. Its the first time my sister and I are in one and really gambling, Its seriously not a good habit to pick up and not recommendable to prolong your time at the table. Addictive!

Headed to various famous landmarks of Macau but also toured the back alley. Its a little hobby of mine to take a look at how life really is in another country. Pretty much like a fusion of HongKong and China mainland.

Of course, the famous Ruins of St Paul.

And not forgetting, the FOOD!! the TARTS!!

Not gonna name all of them, but they're all really fantastic food! From big restaurants to backalley little stores, we've tasted the true Macau.

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My dad is the same way. Can't take him anywhere!
almost 11 years ago
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I think your Dad is great.
almost 11 years ago
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分明是在诱惑我的馋虫 :-)
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