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Have you ever tried googling your own name? In mandarin? I've just discovered today that there is a professor on China history in one of the universities in China whom has the same name as me!

And after opening the file, this is what I get:


I'm not saying my name is really unique but I'm proud to say that it isn't very common all thanks to Daddy~ In Meet Dave, they said that the most common name in the planet is Ming Chang (click here to view the trailer), There are still bound to be similar names among the great 1.3 billion population of chinese around the world, but hey, my name is really unique ok!

Dad thank you for giving me a great name, comparable to a great professor in China! 


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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
my name is super common. i don't come up until like the 4th page of results on google. =(
over 11 years ago
Photo 139251
My Engerlish is not good ,so only understand soom.
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