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JMD Cosplay Festival

My bro Danny was volunteered by Ota Sensei of NYP to coordinate this event. And he had certainly done a good job!  The whole event was well organized and carefully planned. Although there are minor cock-ups here n there, definitely its one of the best show I've seen coordinated in NYP so far! especially its Sakuran Japanese Cultural Club's first major event.

I've arrived NYP at 5.30pm and proceeded to Koufu for dinner. Met Zat, Xm, Oz, Elmo, and Selphie along the way. Had my favourite japanese food before heading in to the Theatre for the Arts.

The show was kick started by Dance Inc.performance followed by our very own JMD Wait and See performance (see video).

The main event is actually a cosplay catwalk show of 14 cosplayers. It was started with our little Trixy AKA Namemei Utata dreaming of anime and manga characters coming to life when she fell asleep reading manga under a cherry blossom tree. One of the more eye-catching cosplayers that left an impression on me was Kanda from D.Grayman, Tsunade from Naruto and Nana from Nana. The standard of this cosplay show was definitely higher than most of our local cosplay events held in Singapore as the person cosplaying was really trained to pose, walk and behave exactly like the character him/herself. Basically, the cosplayer has to come out, walk, make afew poses for the photographer below stage to capture, and walk off, while the theme song of the belonging anime is being played.

The show ended with closing performance by Dance Inc. and JMD. Good Show SJCC. Good Show Stage Arts and Dance Inc.!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWSqQXO4cKs

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