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I don't really blog anymore. Not because I am busy, or lazy. As this is an Artiste Blog, I try to refrain from blogging too much about my personal life most of the time, unless its interesting to share about. Since my departure from Singapore exactly a month ago, life's been boring. Its a very nostalgic feeling as I've been through this at the exact same period 7 years ago.After the album launch, some publicity had been made. And I've managed to have my own album promotion at Johor Bahru Malaysia as well. The post album launch period was full of meeting ups with friends and stuffs. Damn. I'm missing Singapore.Anyway, I spent about 2 weeks to settle downs in Hong Kong fixing up my own room into the way I wanted it, met up with some friends here, and started following my dad around. I'm trying to pick up some business skills by observing how he talk to business partners at meetings, at lunch, in private etc. I'm sure it will benefit me. Meanwhile I'm also actively looking around the Hong Kong Entertainment industry. There's sure much to see! I feel so small suddenly that I'm actually from a small little Island off South East Asia. Hong Kong is just.. Big and different. Not to forget there's mainland China, where I will spend occasional weekends with my Grandmother and relatives with.Life's never been so quiet and calm. Life's never been filled with so much order. Life's never been about staying with dad. I've never really grown up with my dad around me. Unlike my sister, my childhood was spent in Singapore with my mum, my sister, and two cousins while my dad is always flying around. I decided to stay put in Singapore alone when dad decided to move the whole family back to Hong Kong 7 years ago. So apart from childhood, I've never really lived with my dad except on short terms. I'm still not very used to it. The kind of law at home where he enforces. Sleeping early, waking up early, having breakfast every morning, coming home for dinner, cleaning the house regularly, cleaning the dishes after dinner. I never done all these when I'm staying alone in Singapore. I eat out everyday for goodness sake. Nevertheless, I know it is for my own good and I'm slowly learning to get used to it.All in all, I'm good here in Hong Kong and much apologies for the delayed blog post. I appreciate all my friends in Singapore for your good wishes. And yes, the very much delayed, Hello Hong Kong!

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sounds like you are adjusting well. good for you to finally settle down. its another life episode and new experiences. don't look at the past as what was done already done, don't wait for the future cause it has not occur yet. look at the present, its a gift... take care do keep in touch thou always nice to know someone are living well
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woah...i can tell cuz i see u playing games, hahahahahahhahaa XD anyway, welcome (back) to HKG and i think you're coping "healthily" which is good...gosh i need that kind of regime to slim myself down, been eating tooooooooo much nowadays, yippeeeeeee~ heading to MNL, then MFM, then GZ end of this week...will stop by HKG before i return home next Tuesday... btw, i like the track 情远着陆 off your EP...=D take care in HKG
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