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Why the title 算了,够了? In English it means 'Forget it, Enough'.

I didn't mean anything negative actually. Of course, I had been facing persuasions from my friends and family in Hong Kong for years. Everyone is asking me to head back. It simply literally means that.  I had enough of swaying my thoughts. I know I want to go home but I simply couldn't let go of Singapore. So at this point, I decided its enough. Forget everything I built here. Its Asia I should be looking at, not solely Singapore.

I hasn't been a very happy person lately. This is something more personal and I can't share it here. But what I can share is personal friends and brotherhood had swayed apart over the years as we grow up. We shared same ideals and made a powerful combination during school days (and post school days). In 2004, much tears were shed for me and by me when I left. I came back in 6 months (LOL). It hasn't been a fun process to go through that again. Now that everyone of us had our own lives, I think its enough of the 'I will miss you' crap. We are adults now and frankly speaking, we learnt that true friends need not to be hanging out together all the time. What is important is in here thumps my chest At the end of the day, whatever happens in our own individual lives, whatever affecting factor there are, there isn't a thing that would change our heart and the brotherhood formed. I been through that. I've done crazy shits unto my comrades, not exactly expecting forgiveness, but I got. I love you my brothers. This, will not be forgotten for the rest of my life.

Anyway I'm off-track with the title. Yes I am frustrated with a lot of things in life. Who isn't? People at my age are either getting frustrated over not getting a job after obtaining a degree. Some struggling in life with their offspring. Some excelled in their own field but are pressured by family to get married. Some simply has no idea what to do about their life and let days pass by. This song is actually dedicated to the Generation Y.

Life's strangling you everyday. Life's shouting into your ears. Life's crying. Life's making you unhappy. Life's pressurizing you. Life's throwing tantrum at you. Life needs you to please them. Life's driving you crazy.

This is a complain song. Hope you will enjoy it.

Actually, some close friends who heard it told me its kinda like a continuation to 蚊子咬咬 (mosquito Bite). Something about had enough of trying to get that mozzie, giving up on killing it and just let it bite whatever. I liked that idea. Maybe I can say at during press conference!

Speaking of 蚊子咬咬, the recording of both mandarin songs are done as of today. Turned out good! I can't wait to hear the final product. I'd like to specially thank Neil and Kevin of MB Studio for the kindness and the fantastic job. Looking forward!

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oh dear i believe u r going through what is known as an identity crisis. and yes there are major decisions to be made and fear of the unknown and expectations of others is really pressure. i have my identity crisis a while ago and believe me at my age after years of working now old already then has the opportunity to study for my degree. i found my way and u need to find your way.
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Can't wait to hear the spngs on ur EP and know that u feel pressurizing now over alot of things. Hope u can take things 1 step at a time and don't pressurize urslef too much try to relax abit. 加油!!!
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