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Beware the Mozzie

If you know me long enough, you'll know of the song Mosquito Bites 蚊子咬咬. Penned and sung by yours truly finally in this EP Album. The last time this song was seen was 3 years ago! And it was written like.. 4 years ago?

I don't call myself a songwriter because that's the only song I'd ever dare to let people hear it. Its pretty much a tasteless song considering the simplicity of the lyrics and melody. The reason why it was written was simply because I was forced to. I remembered during my time under training with Roy Li Feihui Laoshi, we were forced to write a song monthly and present it in class. Mosquito Bites was my 3rd month homework. I was still in the army at that time and totally ran out of ideas. I grabbed a guitar and was jamming to 'You're unbelievable' by EMF when I was attacked by a mosquito. It was a hot afternoon with no trainings for the day. Everyone was slacking off in the bunk (hostel room for army boys). The lyrics came out easily with the aid of my man Thomas Su. A year later came a local programme meant to promote Singapore Music titled 'SPOP Hurray' which comes with a Song-writing competition. Feihui Laoshi aided a few of us with completing a demo arrangement and went on for submission. Out came the demo and into the Finals I went. The TV Station rearranged my song for the Show though but I still liked the Demo version Feihui laoshi and I arranged together.

There had been a misunderstanding all along for most of my friends. What you find on the top right hand corner of this page, where the media box is, are the two different versions (demo version and TV station mixed version) of 蚊子咬咬. The misunderstanding was the (sung by Jae Leung) part. None of them are sung by me. Instead, the TV Station mix was sung by my two senior Jeremy Kwan and Jeff Teay while the demo was sung by Jeff alone. I just didn't bother to change it. I sung once at HMV@313Somerset Launch though.

I really looked funny and cheesy back then. Here's the video of me on the competition!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQOevtygR8g&feature=relatedI hope with the official release of 蚊子咬咬, we can ease the pain of the dengue arc around the world and help create awareness XD

And of course, I'm pleased to have this song, back at the arrangement done by Feihui Laoshi and I, in my EP Album. An MV is shot for it as well. Next blog, behind the scenes of 蚊子咬咬 MV revealed. Stay tuned!

An old picture during the Spop Era.

(P.S Anybody knows whats the English/Mandarin word for '蚊懒‘?)

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Hello :) good voice :) funny photo ! :) see you ! YuKoSho :) P.S: How r u today ?
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