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A Day with Royston

I woke up feeling exhausted from the HMV opening Performance and a meeting with my F4 Family on 12 Dec morning. Eventually I was kinda late for the premiere of Anniversary. Still, I am so looking forward to whats gonna happen in the next few hours. I've arrived Sinema Old School at 2.10pm only to realize the crowd hasn't enter the theatre yet.

Its always nice to have Attention attracting banners just outside the theatre. Thanks to owner Nicholas Chee :)

My seat reserved. VIP TREATMENT!

I don't know why but I find this two little note very interesting. Mind you its a gay film with lots of homosexual audiences.

Found an article on the screening here

http://www.livelife.org.sg/screening.cfm official media for Anniversary.

Anniversary Screening

12 Dec 2009

1st Screening

2 Full housePhoto Album View Photo album

This was as real as it gets, Livelife's first movie screening. We recieved hundreds upon hundreds of bookings but the small, but cosy theater at Old School could only fit 136 per screening. We would like to apologize to everyone who replied but couldn't get your tickets for this screening.

Overall, the feedback for the event was tremendous with numerous saying they want to watch it again, and again, and they find it very personal, very well written and it definitely helped regained many interest in getting adequately informed about HIV and AIDS too and on top of all these, Hossan Leong and his partner graced our humble event and even promised to volunteer for any of our future event, if we need him.

Some didn't know the screening was a "gay affair" and organised by AFA/Livelife, and brought their straight friend there, but both left the theater, impacted, in different ways, gaining knowledge of the virus and people's perception of it. Countless ladies turned up for this event too, many, supporters of Royston Tan.

During the screening, we invited Director Royston Tan, Actor Jae Leung & Manager of AFA/Livelife, Donovan up on stage for a Q&A session.

Royston tan, together with Alfian and a beautiful cast & crew, brought to us, Anniversary. A love story that our community can call our own. A movie that has touched many people's heart and showed some, an intimate, closely guarded secret, a sliver of what a gay couple's life is.

We haven't done our best to assure everyone a seat and we would like to offer our most sincere apologies. The flood of email jammed up our sever and and our poor over worked volunteers couldn't handle the flood of request.

We are planning for another screening, however at this stage we have no details about when or where, but check back soon and we will update you.

Thank you all very much for your interest in Anniversary and your feedback.

I'm thrilled. I had never expected such a crowd for a short film screening. In the past few days, I keep getting feedback about my acting in a particular scene saying how well I did. Thank you for all your support! And Thank you Royston for giving me this oppotunity.

As the film is supported by Action for Aids, we had a simple talk on Aids with Roy Yiling, also the host. Followed by Royston's other film 48 On Aids. Very interesting title. When asked why 48, he said 48 (for aids).

I'm the only actor who could turn up for the screening on 12th, that made me the spotlight somehow. If you would like to come by for another screening to catch other actors as well as Royston, do stay tune to the link above for another screening!

All pictures credited from livelife and Colonia. 

Signing Autographs for posters. I've gotten an ultra-sized poster signed by Royston!

After the screenings, Royston invited me to his theatre production 'Broadway Beng' as its the last show on the same night.

A very 'Singapore culture' production. Enjoyed it alot. I love the fact that a 'Beng' thing can actually be high classed and brought into broadway style, and presented in Esplanade! One of the best production I've watch in the year!

Sebastian and the Ah Lians signing autographs with fans after the show.

Royston flew off to Dubai the next day for a Film Festival, before he left he gave me a hint of possible Rotterdam Film Festival next year with Anniversary. COOL!! Looking forward with eager :)

I've enjoyed myself the entired day except at 4pm when my father called me suddenly. I was in the midst of the screening. I called him back later to get a shocking news. My maternal Grandfather passed away during the very time Anniversary was screened. I'm gonna dedicate a post just for him next week. Rest in Peace 公公

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Jae kun niko niko :)
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Jae don't be too sad about ur maternal grandfather passed away. U take care.
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Sorry to hear about your grandfather. May he rest in peace
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
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