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Another fun AnD party @ Terry Richardson's exhibit opening

Last Friday night was the big AnD/Diesel event, the opening party of the new exhibit by photographer, Terry Richardson. His exhibit, "From Rio to Hong Kong", featured many interesting photos, many of which involved naked people, including himself. Definitely not something you see often in HK... The second portion of the evening was a party with awesome live performances by three bands, My Love Puzzle, Hardpack, and Qiu Hong.

I had a great time checking out the exhibit, watching the bands play, hanging out and taking lots of fun photos with friends, and meeting new folks. As a total lightweight who doesn't normally drink, I somehow got convinced to have a few beers, so I was pretty red-faced during part of the evening. (I swear I wasn't drunk even though I was so red... just a little tipsy.) It was a fun night indeed! :)

Met wushu artist, Jingde He, who was really nice.

Shan, Pat Lee, and I working on our "cool" look. I think I need more practice... =P

With Shan and Boon

The guys hamming it up (Berton, Pat Lee, Terence, and Bobby)

With the guys (ok, probably a little buzzed by now.. hehe)

Me and Shan

Pat and I in our hats

With Jackie, Stephen, and Larry

With Janelle

Adrian's hungry for Janelle's cap

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boon's cool look needs work too. :-P
almost 16 years ago
excellent party! Awesome!
almost 16 years ago
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i'm jealous looks really fun you guys are repping w/ the ghetto fabness partay on!!! :P
almost 16 years ago
OH ... u guys seem had alot fun !!! i wish i could be there !!! ADI
almost 16 years ago


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