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I got hit at like #90mph on this two-stroke. I had to pay $300 for the damages on the rear. (Fortunately I have some disposable income.) Wassup on the Level up. Working the braking and lines. And that “Scandinavian flick”. (Ha!) Always turn number two. TWitte, Jfry, Hubinette, and Andy Gill all inspired me. #raceteam #karting #alwayslearning #needforspeed #driving

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Exhausted. But such a fun day! And glad to see Bossman Andy Gill @nstunts here today. #saturdays #racing #stuntsunlimited

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Gizmo is “finally“ back home. On Eames by Herman Miller #lifeofgizmo #eameschair #hermanmiller #yorkiesofinstagram #dwr

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All up in the Hudson. Just a nerd. Tried to make it to @bluehillfarm #hudsonvalley #placetothink

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Enjoyed Connecticut. I actually dropped out of art school. 2006-7. Menswear to Cam Dept. Only shot #35mm film on Arri. Remembered David Fincher shot “Zodiac” w the Red in SF. DSLR wasn’t a big thing. First digital on 4K that I saw. Gnarly. Left to Europe after that. #oldmoney #yale

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Spoiled kids, ivy-leagues. Skull and Bones and Secret Societies. Goldman Sachs didn’t hire me. Wassup. #elite #yale2021 #secretsociety #autumn #november #yuppie

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Had to drop-out of @yale #ivyleague

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Thankful for another day. (Not in a “vacation” sorta-way.) and thankful for all my close friends and fam. In better health. Still able to train, work (and wreck) hard and live the dream. To being able to afford my damn espressos, coffee and lattes. (Almost had to get a full time job outside of the industry.) Also, eat my way around the states. Helping others when I can. To some freedom. To new experiences. Living the present. The future is never promised. #thanksgiving

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Thank you @markozaror and @kiway_ for your all-natural clean energy drink. Survived ATL to SF/LA to NYC and to the Hamptons. And between two @netflix shows. Both coasts. First time for it all. Grateful! Glad my reel and abilities got me hired rather than mouthing for work. (I do so poorly at that.) Also! Stoked @kiway_ is now being sold throughout the U.S thanks to @amazon #health #fitness #ketogenic #energydrink #amazon #kiway #plantbased #sfbay #nyc #atlanta #netflix #setlife #action #allthethings #amazonfinds

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