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One thing about being in the West Coast is that I don’t feel so stagnant. Truly miss being apart of camera and art dept. even though this was one of the sets on my first show as a stunt performer #cinema #downtown

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Still in the East Coast. Distracted, running red lights and stopping in the middle of the crosswalk. I miss #nyc #bystander #livethemoment

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Just got these in the mail. Super stoked to be chosen for these rare Shlohmo x Vans SK8-Hi. Thank you Henry! @shlohmo and so much love to @wedidit collective. ??⛓ #shlohmo #vans #wedidit #wdi #9114206969 #420 #911 #sk8hi

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Me back at Thomas Keller #bouchon but really wanted to be at #perse ya feel me? Ice cold in 2018. Ironfist also dissed me for the day #columbuscircle #bombcyclone #selfies

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KITH TREATS SPECIAL ihatechrisbalualua: Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Crushed Oreos, Whole Milk now available @kithtreats thanks @ronniefieg #kith #kithtreats #nyc

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Throwback to #56k modems and AOL screennames. Way back to Paris at age 16. Hardly anybody comboing. #paris #03 #martialarts #tbt #noyoutube

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Me on חֲנֻכָּה @avengers #latkes #hanukkah

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Wrapped another day on Avengers yesterday. So, so stoked to be apart of the team. Walked out of Stage 10... Bossman Noon Orsatti stops me and says: Balualua! come to “Grazing Here” and watch us play. Enjoyed the hot set from the bosses Sam Hargrave and Danny Hernandez on the last min invite #reelkicks #87eleven #avengersinfinitywar

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Was trying to make it to #artbasel

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“Home” in the South. #picturesque #am

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