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I use to “bomb” SF hills with my no-brake fixie when I was living in-and-out of SF for a few years. In between SF and NYC - was hella fun. Broke artist I was. (Still am, har har)Probably always cycled 40+mph racing cars on this street. I ran red lights, almost always getting nailed by cars and/or pedestrians. Fun! Yet retarded. Still my fav city out of like 100 cities I’ve been to! Excited to travel back in a non-work-related sense for a few weeks. Been really sick the past few weeks, unfortunately. Sorry haven’t seen y’all around Atl or at the gym. Note: Acupuncture!...Read more

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Four Barrel! Thanks Keith and #13reasonswhy for having me apart of Season II. Also my sis for coffee and paninis #netflix #fourbarrelcoffee #sfbay

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Paramount #onlocation

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Stoked to be working in my hometown: Sf Bay. First time. Would've been rad to work Antman II. Thirteen Reasons Why? Haven't watched it but @netflix wassup. Get to hang, get an acupuncture, and drink some raw raw in Berkeley post-rehearsals. #hardware #health

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The #filipino brother Jabels. Reunited! Was shocked you had them desserts in the freezer. Would've been funny if you fed me ube ice cream with emphasis on thc #best #phillipines #ube #icecream #livelikejohn

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I miss you brotha. Rest In Peace. District Donuts, Nola. Weekend after wrapping AMC Into the Badlands. (I thunk!) Laughed mad hard at Larry McGee having to jump off the 2nd story railings to grab onto chains. #livelikejohn

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שנה טובה #roshhashana #satanceramics

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Left the States just to spend a day in Australia only to lounge with kangaroos. #zzz

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