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hello 2010. i'm having trouble typing you without cringing.

a new year is my new excuse to shed another layer of my silly inhibitions. the last few years have been myyears which were mostly followed by the wordi surfed the summer away in hawai'i with my sister, something we had dreamt of doing since childhood. i let paris steal my heart. in belize i finally conquered my lifelong fear of jaws (yes that uber fake mechanical failure) and swam free with sharks bigger than me! i walked across santorini. i teared up witnessing the alaskan salmon struggle hopelessly upstream. i spent evenings watching people spill into the streets during ramadan in istanbul. i ate my way through taiwan (i had lived there years ago but was astarving artist). i learned in guatemala that howler monkeys sound like velociraptors. i wasshockedappalledgrossed outamazed to discover that the seagulls in stanley park are smart little buggers and swallow starfish whole for nourishment. i realized i actually really like wisconsin (who knew?). i was charmed as munich's glockenspiel sang to me.my new grand scheme is to bring music back into my life. something about having your lifelong dreams shattered by a not-so-ideal reality left me grasping for a new definition of me. i think i can go back now without sacrificing who i am..long story short, i'm going to start sharing with everyone my happiest moments: writing songs as i trek around this breath-taking world of ours. i'm not a very good singer. and most of the time i have no idea what i'm doing with my guitar. but it's so lovely outside and who could resist singing their heart out to the world?youtube video - intro at arches.

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thanks for sharing! happy new year!
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