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Music Video! (sort of)

One of the people who showed up at The Fringe gig last Saturday put together a music video featuring one of our songs and using clips from the Johnnie To move, "Exiled."

It looks really great, he'll probably be a fucking awesome director one day.

Check it out!

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=QTUDsfXk5eM

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how did you record such a good quality demo at the fringe????? did the talented director did this too? if se, we need to have a chat... name please! Cla
about 15 years ago
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fuck man I love this!! where from??? Li
about 15 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
The fan vids on YouTube are the best, and your's is right at the top. You have no idea how many hundreds of thousands of people are going to see this video with your music as the soundtrack. Johnnie To is big in the West and Exile has only been out on DVD in the US for a few months, I think, so this is going to get a lot of hits (not even counting all the Asian fans). I hope your music gets picked up for a soundtrack of a Hollywood film. It did wonders for Rachid Taha's career in the US when some of his kickass songs were used in Blackhawk Down (and he sings in Maghrebi Arabic!). Way to go.
about 15 years ago


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