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Where are you?

So far 1742 people have downloaded Ulysses. (edit: as of 3/17 the number is now up to 2,043 free downloads)

Awesome. I wish that I could sit down with each of you in the same room and play you some songs face to face. Talk, sip some beer (or coffee) and laugh. I am regretting the fact that I have not played outside of California much, and would like to make 2009 that I do a tour of some sort. The question I have is, Where are you? . I hav...Read more

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They say it’s your birthday…

Yep, I’m growing a year older this Friday, (January 30th) and will be easing the pain by playing a fun show at Cafe Du Nord.

Opening the show is a great singer songwriter from L.A. named Bobby Choy aka “Big Phony” who I’ve been a fan of for awhile now. Check him out here and here.

I’ll play 2 sets- one p...Read more

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Birthday show with Big Phony

I'm playing a show this friday, January 30th at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco... it also happens to be my birthday. Joining me on the bill is a great singer songwriter who goes by the name Big Phony.  http://www.myspace.com/bigphonyalso, Jane Lui- who is on this site as well, will be coming to play a song or twowww.myspace.com/janeshands Both are fantastic, check 'em out, and better yet- come out to the show if you ...Read more

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http://gohnakamura.com/ulysses/purchase/ Remembering a year ago, when Dino Ignacio and his MYX Tv team created the beatiful video to Embarcadero Blues. Reflecting on my shredding years and Joe Satriani... Looking forward to Youtube Live! I'm playing the Preshow!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seOaIb9s3PE

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Stumbling Through The Dark (Jayhakws cover)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDQBvjloPkY

One of my favorite songs of late... written by the Jayhawks with Matthew Sweet.  From their album "Rainy Day Music"

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Gather everything you need

a change of clothes

and toiletries

and a book to read

'cause it's a long flight

Security won't let me by

to see you off

to see me cry

Call me please

and say that you're alright

And your suitcase

is good to go by the table

your flight's on time

your carry-on

I'll carry on like a baby

and somewhere there's a room

where everything I've ever lost is hiding

and e...Read more

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New album announcement

I'm sounding the horn, a call to arms, to help me officially launch this ship named "Ulysses" into battle. Instead of cannonballs, swords, and gunpowder though, I'm hoping that I can call on you, to use your arms (and fingers and voices) to help me spread the word about my album. (less bloodshed that way)  I am making it available as a free download.

If you could forward these links and the below text to all your friends/loved ones, I will sing you love songs for the rest of time. time. time. time... (fade out...Read more

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Ulysses: A Call To Arms

Dear Friends,

After four years in the making, my second album, Ulysses, has officially launched!

Whereas Daylight Savings, my first album, was written and recorded in solitude, Ulysses is a reaction to that; a celebration and collaboration with artists and people whom I’ve had the good fortune to meet through the first album.

The call to arms here is helping me cross the toughe...Read more

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Heavy Metal Dreams Do Come True

So, in surreal news- I wrote some of the lyrics to the song that plays during the end credits of the movie “Body of Lies” entitled “Bird’s Eye”. I think I played some bass on it too…

The track features the vocals of one of my all time favorite vocalists, Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle fame. This is like a teenage rock fantasy come true for me… (hopefully not a nightmare for him)

I listened to that Mr. Bungle album almost daily during the 90’s, it was one of the most cryptic, delirious, and hilari...Read more

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I had a dream in black and white...

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