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Where are you?

So far 1742 people have downloaded Ulysses. (edit: as of 3/17 the number is now up to 2,043 free downloads)

Awesome. I wish that I could sit down with each of you in the same room and play you some songs face to face. Talk, sip some beer (or coffee) and laugh. I am regretting the fact that I have not played outside of California much, and would like to make 2009 that I do a tour of some sort. The question I have is, Where are you? . I have used a site called Eventful but couldn’t seem to get it off the ground. I have to admit, out of those 40 “demands” I think 9 of them are mine because I accidentally clicked it and didn’t know how to delete the demands.

So I wanna open it up here and ask: Where are you? Who are you? Would you come to a show if I came out near you? How did you find me? Do you take cream in your coffee?

Lemme know. K, thanks.

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I had a dream in black and white...

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