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Last Legs of the tour NYC

Ok, in a few hours I’m going to board a red eye flight with Sadie to NYC to complete the last part of our “All You Can Fly” Jet Blue Pass tour, which we named Follow Your Whim

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, as the last 3 weeks have started to catch up to me, but I’m excited to go to the east coast again. It’s been about a year since I was there last.

About a week after I return ...Read more

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O.C. peeps: 6pm I’m doing a solo set mini-set/concert at the Irvine Spectrum Center in front of the theater for White on Rice movie!

Then in West Hollywood at 9:30pm me and the Invisible Cities will be playing at Gr/eats! Come on out!

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Itinerary for Jet (Lag) Blue(s) tour

Actually, that’s not really the name for it, but it cracks me up.

So we (Han + Sadie of the Invisible Cities, Gary Chou, and Headzookeeper) bought our “Jet Blue all you can fly for $599 flight buffet” right before the deadline. We realized that flights were going fast, so we cobbled together an itinerary, even though we didn’t have “gigs” booked. It’s definitely a bit of a leap of fate, but at the very least I figure I can visit some great friends in c...Read more

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Show in August and webcasts

Cafe Du Nord is beginning to feel like a home to me, and I had the good fortune to put a bill together for August 26. I convinced one of my favorite singer/songwriters to come down from Seattle and he said yes! Tomo Nakayama of the band Grand Hallway will be playing a solo set. I’m lucky to have Odessa Chen on this bill too. Getting chills thinking about it!

...Read more
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I was nominated for “artist of the month” on the Deli magazine site, please vote for me here!l

voting is open till july 15th.

Next webcast: July 8th

Next physical show: August 26th at Cafe Du Nord. all ages/seated with Tomo Nakayama of Grand Hallway, and Odessa Chen!

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Track by Track series and Webcast

I’ve been posting solo/acoustic versions of each track off of Ulysses to my Youtube channel, hence the title “track by track.” please Subscribe if you haven’t already! Much more to come…

So far, I’m at #3 which is Hangman:

I’m going to stream a live web concert from San Francisco tomorrow night, (Wed June 17th) right here at Read more

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5/31/09 Rickshaw Stop

Woz was at the show to see The Wooden Birds, for which I had the good fortune to be the opening act. I didn’t wanna bug him, but my sister went to his table, introduced herself and gave him my albums. He said that he had just sent his wife downstairs to purchase some cds! Awesome.

After the show, on his way out, he graciously let me take a photo with him and chat for a minute. This made my night!

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top 5

In the spirit of the movie High Fidelity, what are the top 5 “obscure” songs that you swear only YOU know about.

“In other words, the opposite of a guilty pleasure.” - Guysketchy







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Giant Gohbot in Poketo

So last month, I went to L.A. twice to see one of my favorite artists, PCP aka Heisuke Kitazawa exhibit his work at Giant Robot and a week later at Poketo.

Here’s a few photos from Atsushi’s camera…Atsushi of Scrabbel, P...<a href=Read more

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Just A Quick Note

I’m opening for Fastball on Sunday April 26th at
Cafe Du Nord. You have probably heard their smash hits “The Way” and “Outta My Head” on the radio. Some fine fine powerpop!


I actually have a lot to say, but no energy to say it ...Read more

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I had a dream in black and white...

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