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Blog: Wednesday, May 7

in the Jakarta goverment office, before i go to china to train and macau to compete, i go see the govern,i hope forward the attention to wushu sport from them better and better. specially to aprove our programs for junior kids.

go home fast, tomorow is my last day in Bogor my home,my doughter birthday party. 60km away from jakarta. i dont sleep enough.very tired. the birthday party,glad everything is cool,actually her birthday is 21 april, but because we were so busy the party held in 26april,all the friends,students,family come.its her first burthday.tommorow i go to china for 3 months,aahh... sad in my heart in the party.


the guangzhou airport,HUGE! i got sick in the airplane, dont get good sleep for 3 days, and so the body are not fit. so bad, my condition is strating from zero, 10 day befor Macau asia champ,so work hard, but finaly im ok now, ready to compete. win or lose, here im coming :).

shansho training gym, good! taolu gym :) henan wushu team have a lots of grade atheletes, this is in sport training canter of henean, but they still have huge huge wushu school in shaolin temple, so many school wushu martial arts of shaolin born in here!where shaolin temple is...many awsome great martial artist are here.ill post the shaolin temple later...

the girl there is my coach, she is china wushu champion in long fist,spear, and sword. u cant tell from they look, but she is goooood!

wacth the guy in the restourant doing the tricks making noodle :)

he like playing hih kungfu there :) thats what i call chinese noodle!!!!

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
She's precious!
about 16 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
What a beautiful facility.
about 16 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Good luck with the training and the competition. The mental game is every bit as important as the physical competition. I hope you can get everything sorted out and focus on the training and competition.
about 16 years ago


all martial art and wushu lover... nice to meet u! Gogi is a National Wushu Indonesia 1st champ since 1998, and a World Wushu 1st champ in Beijing 2007, and 3

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