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Respect the Pokgai~!

we are laughing so hard~ !RESPECT THE POKGAI~ !!!!It's a song from 24''~!!!i couldnt stop laughing coz  one my the frd keep singing this song all night ~!!btw he doesnt kno what that mean..~!!!and i met him again at sugar...he using the mic standing at the dj booth keep singing''respect the pokgai''..wakakkaaaa~!!!i think he likes this song very much~!!!

me and Daniel..my hubby oii..i wish...wakakaa

Lucy ,sarika..and me

lucy and me

me and Lucy..Jimmy ..Traci and  tiffany at qube

Lucy ,,tiffany and me @ jimmy bday party at qube~!



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ha, they shout it out all the time!
about 16 years ago
omg~!!Respect 豆pok鸡~~!Wakakaka~!
about 16 years ago
YA~!Daniel is so hot~but i ;m not!
about 16 years ago


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