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alot of stresss...alot of high heels

shopping day 2

i bought 5 pais of high heels, a bag, and 4 clothings...

stupid girl like shopping alot when they feeling unhappy...i m stupid girl..!!!wakakakaka

somebody like eating when theyt are unhappy

i like .................

i think i like dancing

i had 3 dance classes today and shopping

i want to buy all the things to use up my money ~

it make me feeling.............relaxxxx~!!lol

am i going crazy

tmr i gonna buy ball shoe~!!

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Vonnielui 96 vonnielui
wow where u go shopping ???
over 15 years ago
Vonnielui 96 vonnielui
hahaha this month u win me, last month i bought 4high heels & 2 sneckes &......buy clothes at least 4pcs in a week LOLLOLLOL
over 15 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
woah! so much shopping! i hate going shopping w/ girls... i always just sit on the bench. ;-)
over 15 years ago
in cwb. prime girl ,and bling bling~hehe i still have 1 pink high heels...but she forgive to put in my bag ah...!!
over 15 years ago


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