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This is a response to Prodip's blog "HAARP". Haarp is a research place that studies the Earth's Ionosphere for enhancement of communication and surveillance systems for civilian and defense purposes. That's what they say. On the flip side, can they change this to a weapon? This video is lights in the ionosphere above China just before the Earthquake:

Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IHoZoAVLo0 More about Haarp:

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When Al Gore shows us a documentary of 'Global Warming' we take it in and accept it as truth. At least I did. The media will say the manic weather happens because of Global Warming. But, there is an opposition that says 'Global Warming is not true'. I say this 1 hour video today and I'll summarize what it's about below. Check it: http://www.augustreview.com/wrapper/Global Warming says the 'climate is changing.' Well, guess what, the clim...Read more

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Waddup. It was only a few weeks ago, that I've dug into this topic. It started with a couple of friends talking about the Illuminate which lead to weather control and finally ended at God is an alien...it was one of those drunken talks and I left feeling like a crazy-headed conspiracy theorist. It left everybody tired with unanswered questions. I went home and wanted to see if there's any truth in a secret group that dominates the world. Surprisingly, there's quite a lot of info and I blogged my first findings in "New World...Read more

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Learning lots of new knowledge these past few days. I'm still digesting it in my mind, but will summarize it for y'all soon. In the mean time, use those brain muscles and see what we're up against. Keep well everyone.

Site to check: http://www.augustreview.com/c/gettingstartedwith_globalism/ This is pretty shocking and dope:Video: http://www.youtube.com/watc...Read more

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DV.INT.1.I put this together for y'all. I interviewed a beat-making producer from the New York/New Jersey named "Kasper." We met through Myspace and was visiting HK. Turns out he's a cool guy, into meditation and making dope beats and just completed his project " Big In Japan Vol 1." His crew "The Ratt Pakk" have produced for Juelz Santana, Bravehearts, The X-Ecutioners, Dipset, KRS-One to name a few and also, featured on Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition(which I've recently been playing alot)...Read more

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Watch your favorite guitar heroes; Steve Vai, Van Helen, Eric Clapton, Slash and Metallica...see how they "shreds"! Funny stuff. Search "shreds" on youtube. Thanks DorYuk and Phat for showing me the clips. Peace.

Just added the videos for y'all making it easier for you to have a laugh today :) Some dude overdubbed the original and made parodies of famous guitar heroes. EnjoyVideo: Metallica  Shreds Video: Eric Clapton  Shreds

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Phone Video of Finale Song Round I

Last weekend's concert...crazy as hell! I thoroughly enjoyed it. People where super cool, music was tight, vibe amazing and the audience was up for it. Hands down, one of the best shows I've played at. All the bands--Respect Tou PK!!! Paul Wong--Respect Tou PK!!! Ya Sei Mei...PK!!!


Some of the media just portraited our set (24Herbs) as using swear words. But, how could they miss the crowd reaction? Dude...it was a positive event and amazing show--well, hell with the papers, you guys get the trut...Read more

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