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Waddup. It was only a few weeks ago, that I've dug into this topic. It started with a couple of friends talking about the Illuminate which lead to weather control and finally ended at God is an alien...it was one of those drunken talks and I left feeling like a crazy-headed conspiracy theorist. It left everybody tired with unanswered questions. I went home and wanted to see if there's any truth in a secret group that dominates the world. Surprisingly, there's quite a lot of info and I blogged my first findings in "New World Order" entry. Here's the conclusion to the findings. I've discovered there's a battle being raged between 'free men" and a group that is bent on creating a "One World Government". The battle has been going on for close to 300 years.

More readings and video watching lead me to a documentary called "The Money Masters." It's straight to the point on how "moneychangers (international banking cartel)" have dominated and are coming close to fulfill their centuries old plan for a "One World Government". It starts from around late 1700s up until the present day. It traces the origins of the political power structure in Europe and America. It gives more understanding on how the world turns.

Part 1:


Part 2: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-529716659023952808&q=&hl=en

It's long, but insightful. It's the stuff left out of our history books. This is why we have wars, this is why there is suffering, lies and deceit in our society. You probably already know this but it's about money & power. I wanted to explain more, but, I think the video says it better than I ever can. if you can endure the close to 5hour video (i broke it down to 1hr per day), your better for it. I think you have to watch the video to understand what I'm talking about below. Or see the synopsis and other info best explained:


At this point, it doesn't matter who is doing the controlling. Just know it's being done to us. We have a flawed monetary system in place, due to our lack of knowledge and understanding we are being had. Also, because of this monetary system, the wealth and power are moving into the hands of a group of 'moneychangers.'

Our monetary system is flawed:

a.) As Central banks in each country operate with no government regulation. Central Banks are actually privately owned companies and independent of government. The US Federal Reserve is actually a private company. Like central banks in other countries, they have exclusive rights to print currency 'money' and charge interest on it. This means for every dollar they print, the government has to pay back a dollar plus interest. Where does the government get the money to pay back the interest? Through taxes, gold reserves, issued bonds or debit notes. So, the moneychangers control the country because in the end, the country is always in debt to them.

When a country is doing well, making profit, paying off the debt, this is bad business for the moneychangers. What better way to get a country back in debt? Stock crashes, Wars, depressions, will all put a country in debt and money back in the hands of the 'moneychangers'.

c.) As Central Banks operate on "Fractional Reserve Banking". Which is now a common practice but again is an advantage to the moneychangers.  Let's say $100 is deposited in the bank. The bank figures not everyone will withdraw their money at the same time. So, they keep $10 in the bank and lend the rest. This leads to printing out more 'debt' money, which means more debt for the country.

d.) if we operate on a "Gold-Standard". It's flawed because 2/3 of the world's gold is now owned by World Bank and another. Since they own most of the world's gold and our currencies are tied to "Gold-Standard" they will have control of our economies.

So what's the Solution?

a.) Our government has to print their own debt free money. If the government prints money, we don't have to pay interest on it. Therefore, our countries would be free from debt. Also, money back in the hands of the people.

b.) No Gold-Standard. No World Currency ( SDRs). People will propose these two things but we have to say no. Remember, it's the moneychangers who own most of the gold and also, have exclusive rights to print money so, say no to their currency. If we say yes, to their currency, that means we continue on with the flawed monetary system.

c.) Governments pls ban "Fractional Reserve Lending". This just puts the country in debt and money in their pockets. Also note that money doesn't get lost, it gets transferred. Out of your hands and into someone else's. If Banks had to keep 100% deposits then, we wouldn't have to worry about crashes and such.

d.) Get Educated. Many people are not aware of this happening. We have to prepare ourselves and be knowledgeable about this plan for "One World Government."

This sounds big, but the battle has left the US and has gone into the world. There are a group of three the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the  World Bank. These are the Banks for the "One World Government". The body for the "One World Government" is the United Nations. Who are controlling all of these? The moneychangers.

It's all said in the documentary. Check it. One of the best history lessons I've ever had. Finally, this is all I got to say on the subject of what makes the world go round. Use this blog entry and a spring board to find out stuff. You will see that all governments, politicians, business, oil battles, Wars are all reacting from this root cause.

Anyways, thanks for reading, I'ma keep my eye for the truth! Keep well, stay knowledgeable and protect your neck! peace



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You guys gotta check the video to see what it's about. I think I didn't explain it well in the blog; There is a international Banking Cartel that rules the world. They don't care what the political agenda is; ie. Wars between countries, because they make money from both sides. The are aiming for a 'One World Government' which already includes establishments like the UN, World Bank, IMF and BIS. If we let them continue to print us their 'debt money' and continue to use their 'fractional Reserve lending' method--they will have what they want in the end. Peace y'all.
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:) RottenDoubt, it's exactly those people you mentioned...economists, bankers, finance people that are the perpetrators of this (well the elite of those groups). Also, most people get lost in the economic jargon (terms, language) that this "shell game" seems confusing. Also, this group hasn't had total control for 300 years, but there's a battle between 'freemen' and 'international moneychangers' going on for that long. Thanks for the comments! peace
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Btw, another reason you won't hear things like this is because the group includes multi-national companies and media groups. There's a group called "Council of Foreign Relations" and their corporate members is a pretty crazy list, including many mainstream media. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_on_Foreign_Relations That's one good thing about Blogs; you'll get news you probably would never hear of...but you have to use your own "filter" to decide. Peace y'all.
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