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Good times the other night at Haze's Full Circle. Thanks to everyone who came down. Shout out to JBS/Annie, 55SDL who pulled off a great event. I got to DJ (it's been like almost 1 year) with Anton and Dan Pak, which was a good time. I forgot their DJ names and I've got to come up with one too! Shout out to Haze who got some killer works at MOCA. Also, to Carl and Jenn. Check it out, the exhibition is til Aug 6th. Today, we got the Sum Mei Show, so, got to get my 'pop' swagger in place. Tomorrow is Akon--see you guys there! peace ...Read more

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Haze exhibition today--see you guys there! peace

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I started a new blog category titled "Fiat Money". Hope it will bring you some knowledge and help you understand why all your rights are slowly going away. It ain't as entertaining as a Paris Hilton sex tape (ain't all that anyway) but, come to this section time to time for enlightenment. Okay, to the clips :)

Whether you know it or not, most countries run on a Fiat Money System. Which is basically debt-currency. Central Banks around the world have free license to print money. Each dollar they print means more deb...Read more

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It was hot these past days. Still I prefer the heat than the rain. Cause I can take more snaps. Also, tried the enlarge picture function on this site. Check it-peace

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He's become one of my favorite artist, just because of "legendary status" in the street culture scene. Props to Haze and big thanks for blessing our crew with a logo. So, dope. Really looking forward to him coming to our city and exhibiting his works. His exhibition will be open from July 24th-August 6th 2008 @ MOCA China/ Delay No Mall, Causeway Bay. Check it out! HAZE BLOG   Read more

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Today I visited my friend's new office/listening room. Got to hear '24Herbs' album in a tight listening environment...I haven't listened to the album in awhile, but, it rocks relentlessly! It's loud, in-your-face, much like our live shows. Helps release repressed aggression. Also, tested out some new beats in the room and sounding dope. My friend btw is Anthony. He's a mastering engineer in Hong Kong and his credits run long and deep. He works on all types of projects from indie to mainstream to experimental. Bands, a...Read more

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Got this from Don Pendleton's blog on Blackloges.com. Pendleton shares alot of good stuff of 'what the powers that be' are doing to its' citizens in the US. Video: NET NEUTRALITY OPEN SOURCE DOCUMENTARY http://foureyedmonsters.com/neutrality/

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I've been out for a minute huh? Well, just let y'all know I'm alive and doin' good. Music has been pickin' up and just racing to get stuff finished. Looking forward to moving on to new stuff. I know I ain't puttin' any detail, but you can read between the lines. On another note, I'm trying to figure out my first tattoo. I went to JayFC's event "Skins:ink" and saw Gabe and he was down to do it. He even wanted to start it right there in the club. I didn't bring any references and kinda drunk so, I'll...Read more

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Been busy doing music for my friends, it's fun when inspiration hits. Here are some snaps from around my hood. peace

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I hated NKOTB when I was growing up. When I was in their hometown, Boston, I even heard people wanted to kill the pretty boy 'Jordan'! That's 'hangin' tough'. But, now I kinda got to give them props, for being I think the first ones to kick off the 'boy band' phenomenon. Also, props for reuniting and having no shame in grabbing back the 'boy band' title. So here they are back after 14years. Gives you goose bumps! If you're not a 'boy band' fan you might cringe alittle too. Enjoy...Read more

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