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When Al Gore shows us a documentary of 'Global Warming' we take it in and accept it as truth. At least I did. The media will say the manic weather happens because of Global Warming. But, there is an opposition that says 'Global Warming is not true'. I say this 1 hour video today and I'll summarize what it's about below. Check it: http://www.augustreview.com/wrapper/Global Warming says the 'climate is changing.' Well, guess what, the climate has and is always changing. Earth has been through some Hot times and Cold spells. People survive, animals survive. Global Warming suggests that Co2 is a pollutant, which lots of it is man-made and causes temperature rise. First, Co2 is in all living things and everything from volcano's (which produce lots of Co2--more or equal to industrial), dead leaves, animal waste and Oceans are said to produce by far the most. Secondly, the opposition scientist say that it's temperature rise then, followed by a rise in Co2 and not the other way around.What's with the rise in temperature? It's a big circle in the sky called The Sun. Climate temperature is controlled by how many clouds in the sky. The how many clouds are determined by how many cosmic rays come into our atomosphere. How many cosmic rays enter depends on how many are not deflected by the Sun's rays. So, if the Sun is blaring, it cancels out the cosmic rays, which lead to fewer clouds which leads to a rise in temperature. In layman's terms. So temperature is not man-made, but a natural cycle as it's always been.Now, why create this story? This environmentalist group, have become an issue for politics. Money follows politics. So, now there's vested interest. Scientific evidence is skewed. Billions of dollars are now given to climate research. But, the most nightmarish thing is that 'Global Warming' has become an excuse for not letting developing countries and Third World Nations...develop.African countries have to battle through bureaucracy in order to get 'electricity.' Evironmentalist are saying developing countries should only use 'wind' and 'solar' energy for the environment. African nations have oil and coal, but not allowed to us it. But, what that means is that developed nations and not permitting them electricity. Which means they are letting them live at a survival-level only. Without electricity, they have no lights, no modern appliances, no industry the things that let us enjoy life and we take for granted. It deprives people of their freedom to live and the pursuit of happyness. That's the scariest thing of 'Global Warming'.Check this out 1 hour long video on "Global Warming Swindle" http://www.augustreview.com/wrapper/

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http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=64734This is just on a tangent of what info I'm researching now, will drop it on y'all soon. Knowledge is power. Keep well.GS @ NERDINALIBRARY

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I grew up in a house hold of environmentalists and in all these years I can tell you that not once did anyone of them or their friends or cohorts ever express an interest in keeping developing countries undeveloped. In fact, every environmentalist I've ever known was very interested in helping even the balance of the planet. Some of them dedicated their lives to developing wind and solar power like you suggested for countries like Africa - but that's because - there is wind and sun there and so they felt it would help them. Meanwhle oil companies literally start wars among developing countries to destablize them in order for them to be able to come in and take the oil. The oil companies WANT developing countries to WANT oil. They want an increase in demand. So... who do you think might want to make enviornmentalists seem like the bad guys? Of course, the oil companies. Who is makinng record profits each year while prices skyrocket for their product - but we're so incredibly hooked on their product that we can't stop? Oil companies. I will try to check out those movies when i have more time... but I did check one thing at the augustreview.com site. I search for "liberal media" - this is a really crazy catch phrase that has been established to totally mislabel the news media in the US. The fact is - our media is totally totally conservative - but one of the techniques of the NeoConservatives is to mislabel things and repeat them again and again and again and again until they seem true. So, when I first go to a site, I will search a couple catch phrases and look at their context to see if the people are thinking for themselves, or are a propaganda outfit for the people who'd like you to not know the truth and have an inclination to mislabel things to serve their purposes.
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oh... and yes, they used "liberal media" in casual context.
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i don't see a problem with trying to help the 'developing' world from repeating the same mistakes of the 'developed' world. For example - Its quite depressing to see the Mainland Chinese government trying to emulate the US's automobile-based manufacturing model - at the expense of their own (world leading) electric bicycle industry... Global Warming and its causes may be hype, but pollution is not....
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Thanks your all the feedback. Mark--yes, i think we all are 'environmentalist' is some way and no disrespect to your family or the friends you grew up with. I guess I wanted to say that there is an opposition to Al Gore's 'Global Warming' theory, which is many scientist say it's not true. One of the side-effects, which the general public might not be aware of this 'Global Warming' issue, is that developing countries are not given the use of life-improving technology and the politicians use 'Global Warming' as the excuse. But, the arguement of 'Global Warming' and others like it are just 1 piece of the puzzle. I wanna show in my next blog the root of all our problems and the battle for the world that's been going on. Just trying to piece it together. Discussion is good, knowledge is power! Keep well everybody.
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Btw, you guys are cool! Etchy, I agree, no pollution!
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